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October 15, 2015
By kt0616 BRONZE, Clearwater, Florida
kt0616 BRONZE, Clearwater, Florida
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    Hands trembled over the trigger; the gun was shaking like crazy, an unsteady target. A heavy muggy atmosphere fogged the lungs of bystanders.
  “What do we do?” Her voice cracked like chapped lips in a high whisper.
  Ryan’s hands balled into fists, the branches cracked and snapped in the distance, more were coming.
  “Run!” Kennedy screamed and Liz shoved the gun into her belt and the three bolted deeper into the woods.
  That’s when the growls, moans, and snarls became louder and more shuffled into view, a gory torn up mob of them came into perspective. A bloody smirk organs and skin in between their teeth tumbling after the group of three.  Fresh skin triggers the brainstem to strive their rotten legs to move the body to the warm bodies. Panting and heavy breathing echoed the crunch of leaves and twigs.
  “Shh…” Liz panted, “Don’t make a sound…we don’t know how many there are” their hearts beat faster.
  “They can hear us” Kennedy’s lips when purple and her face was a clean white flag we wish we could surrender.
  Only a few seconds later more came rolling from the forest they can hear the thumping of hearts, filling theirs like headphones on full volume. Their bones cracked and rattled sticking out of their moldy flesh, bone sharp as knifes.
  “Let’s go, they can hear us” Ryan wrapped his arms around the girls regret in his voice and jogged them to the camp entrance.
  A man coated in dirt and heavy whiskers of a beard matched his slicked back, oak brown hair. The dark circles under his eyes were black but his eyes still reflected a bright and playful blue.
  “Walkers, coming up east wing” Ryan’s head lowered, his teeth clenched.
  “So I guess you didn’t get the job done huh?” The man smiled in pity. “You couldn’t prove them wrong…” Disappointment was painted all over his canvas face.
  Ryan’s fingernails dug into the palms of his hands. “Don’t listen to Chuck, none of us could kill them…” Liz cooed placing her hand on Ryan’s back. Ryan shoved off her hand, “damn” he snatched the AMT Hardballer from Liz’s belt loop ran into the mob.
  “RYAN NO!” Kennedy screamed and Chuck - the man on the other side of the fence, bolted after him, clenching a pistol in his hand. “What is that boy thinking!?”  He scoffed under his breath as he left trembling Kennedy and Liz behind.
   Liz grabbed a hold of Kennedy’s shoulders, “listen to me, get help from the others NOW, and give me your jack knife.” Kennedy’s face reflected the fear in Liz’s eyes “Liz you’re not ready, you haven’t killed a single walker before…” Kennedy clenched the knife she had strapped to her leg. “Neither have you Kenney, now HURRY-!” Liz snatched her knife and ran into the crowd of the living fighting off the dead. 
  Ryan clenched the gun in his hands, and he fired the first shot of the round, the gun made a loud crack and he could feel the bullet shoot out of the gun and the backfire pushing his hands upward to the black and blue sky the bullet hit the walker in the shoulder, “You’ve got to be kidding me” he grunted. The walker he had hit shoulder had ripped a huge bullet into the skin, a small delay then it continued to meander toward him. It was almost as if the bullet didn’t affect him, it was absorbed into his body like a sponge. That’s when one was on him immediately, others closing in. It was like they haven’t eaten in years trying to take bites of his pale flesh. Screaming in horror the gun fired once more onto the walker pinning him to the ground. It lay on top of him drenching him in a pool of whatever blood it had left.
  The other walkers began to pile up, hot sharp pain shot up his leg, and he was lying on it funny when he crashed onto the ground. A rough hand pulled him up and more shots were fired. It was Chuck, he put a finger onto the center of Ryan’s forehead “Right square in the head, it’s the only way” A smirk of approval curled onto his lips “You’re a man now; let’s settle these walkers like real men.”
Shots were fired and blades cut into flesh and through brains, the squishy sound of a blade shredding through skin and twisted in the head made a nauseous cramp churn in your stomach. The living and the dead couldn’t be told apart, both were killing, both were covered in guts, both were bloodthirsty for death.
“KENNEDY!” Liz’s tinted brown skin was splattered in the blood gushing out from Kennedy’s neck “GOD NO!” She screamed and people came surrounding the two girls.
Kennedy gurgled a few words as she choked on her own blood, eyes wide and white with horror. “I was bit, I couldn’t… I couldn’t get it off of me, it ate me, IT ATE A CHUNK OF MY NECK” fellow friends from the camp stared desperate; they only knew one thing to do. “No! I won’t do it!!!” Liz refused stubbornly; she couldn’t shoot her own best friend.
The crowd cleared and Ryan, covered in gore and ripped clothing, had a cold death stare of ice blacked in his eyes shoved through. “God,” his voice cracked with disgust “I won’t let my friend be one of those… those,” “walkers” Kennedy gurgled in pain as her blood oozed and sprayed like a hose and she pleaded for help. He held the gun up, Liz’s gun, his last bullet; “NO RYAN” Liz went to shield Kennedy and fired the shot into Kennedy’s brain not missing the target. “Walkers” He repeated finishing it for himself. Ryan let out a breath he held in and shoved the gun into the back of his pants and shuffled off into camp with a slump in his step, with no tears, and with no regrets.

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