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Glass and Bones

April 27, 2017
By bo_olsen PLATINUM, Nampa, Idaho
bo_olsen PLATINUM, Nampa, Idaho
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Sommer and Trix are twins.

When one day Trix doesn't come home, Sommer is certain she was abducted.

But outside is a desolate wasteland, and it isn't safe.

Told from Sommer, Trix, and the abductor's POV.

Warning: Violence through out.

Chapter 1: TRIX POV

I was walking in the park when an arm wrapped around me. “You’re out after hours, girl.”
I gasped. “What do you want?”
“You’ll come with me. Quietly, or I’ll kill you.”
I obeyed him, silent tears running down my face. “Please let me go. I have a brother. I want to go home! Please let me go home!”
He sighed angrily. “I can’t let you go home. You have to come with me. If you don't I WILL kill your family.”
I gasped. “No, no. I’ll come with you. I will. Just don't hurt them, okay?”
He laughed. “Come on. Get in the car. We’re gonna go for a little ride…”

Chapter Notes:

Violece comes in the next chapter, so if that triggers you, you probably want to stop reading now.

Chapter 2: HIS POV

I dragged the girl out of my car by her hair. She was a pretty girl with a pretty name: Trix.
Her brother’s name was Sommer.
I dragged the girl into my basement and threw her into the corner.
She stood back up and tried to run past me. I caught her by her upper arm and slammed my fist into her face, easily breaking her nose.
Then I threw her down and kicked her over and over again.
“No, Please! Stop!” She begged, but I didn’t listen. I didn’t care about anything but hurting her.
She was crying, begging me to stop, but it only turned me on more.
I hated her with all my being, with her pretty red hair and large green eyes.
And so I took my razor and decided to fix the hair problem.
By now she was only looking at me with tears in those large, clear green eyes. I shaved off all of her long, wavy red hair.
Now what to do about her eyes… ?
I looked around.
“What are you going to do to me?” She whimpered.
“Shut up, girl.”
I grabbed the wooden plank and forced her to lay still. “Don’t move. This will hurt more if I slip.”
Tears spilled out of her eyes. “No, please, no! Please, don't hurt me. No.”
“You’re ugly you know.”
She nodded. “Yes, I know. Please, don't hurt me.”
I only sneered right before I shoved the plank into her right eye, pulling it out.
She screamed, begging me desperately. “NOO! Please! Stop!”
I smirked and threw her eye into the other corner.
“It hurts,” she whimpered. “Hurts. Hurts so bad.”
“Shut. Up.” Then I pulled out her left eye and threw it into the opposite corner, with her other one.
She was wailing in misery and agony, and I could tell I had really hurt her.
Stupid perfect girls like her don't deserve to live.
Not in peace anyway.

Chapter Notes:

I'm sorry about the violence, really, but I feel like I had to get out my anger with that torture.

Chapter 3: SOMMER POV

She's gone. My baby sister is gone.

And I dont know where she is.


I know I saw her being pulled into the van. And know she is gone.


And I can't do anything about it because I don't know where he took my baby sister.


"TRIX!" I wailed agony filling my voice.

Chapter Notes:

Sorry about the short chapter. My laptop is about to die.

Chapter 4: HIS POV-Two Years Later

There is someone here. He is standing in front of the limp body of Trix, crying.

"Who are you and what are you doing in front of my prisoner?" I snapped.

He looked at me, eyes red and puffy. "She's my sister, you monster. You took out her eyes and shaved her head?!"

I smirked and nodded. "Yes, I did because she's a perfect little brat and deserved to be tortured."

He lunged at me and I felt the world go cold.

Chapter Notes:

Sorry for any typos.

Chapter 5: Epilogue-Sommer POV

It will take a long time for Trix to be okay again, but I will nurse her back to heath.

I will help her, I will comfort her and I will hold her until she feels okay again.


Now that Trix has her fake eyes, she feels more confident about herself, although she is blind. But I will help her until life is nothing but bones. Bones and Glass.


The End

The author's comments:

My friend "Jack Sparrow" loves dystopia. I wrote this for her/

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