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The Moonstone

June 4, 2017
By CaseyHunter BRONZE, Punta Gorda, Florida
CaseyHunter BRONZE, Punta Gorda, Florida
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Ryuu picked up a glowing stone, held it up to the candle light and set it down again, jotting down her findings. Hiro looked over her shoulder and reached out to touch the stone. “What is it?” he said, tilting his head in confusion.
“It’s a sun stone. Someone found it in the mines today and asked me to inspect it” replied Ryuu.
“Well what’s so special about this stone? They have tons around the castle town and in the palace.”
“Yes, that is true, but one of the miners said something was odd about this stone.”
“What’s odd about it?”
“That’s what I’m trying to find out,” she said. “But so far nothing seems out of the ordinary. The color different than any sun stone I’ve seen, but all sun stone are diverse in color, so it can’t be it. The glow around it’s a bit dimmer than an average sun stone.” She huffed and laid her head on the desk.
Hiro quickly removed the stack of papers and the brush pen from the desk before she could ruin her work. “Why don’t you ask Kimera or your dad for help? They know a lot about minerals and gems.”

“Yeah I could do that, but Kimera’s in Emora and my dad is away on business.” A tired sigh escaped her lips and the room slowly got quiet. They stayed silent for a moment, when Ryuu lifted her head suddenly.
Hiro flinched at the action and asked, “What is it?”
“I think I know what it is!” she got up from her seat at the desk ad ran for the door, Hiro following after her, trying to match her pace as she tore through the halls of the castle.
He finally interrupted her dash, “Ryuu! Wait! What did you figure out?” She didn’t respond to him as she continued to run through the halls.
They finally came to a stop by a door at the end of an empty hallway. Ryuu pushed it open and Hiro was almost blinded by the shining gems lying on the tables. Ryuu frantically looked through the drawers lining the walls as Hiro was taking in all the gems and minerals in the room. “What is this place?” he asked.
“This is the mineral room, we store minerals and stones in here that have been documented throughout the years. I was here when observing the sun stone, but never thought to look in this particular section” she explained.
“What section is that?” queried Hiro.
“Right now I am looking in the ‘M’ section.”
“M? Why that section?”
“Hiro do you mind handing me a pick? He looked around at one of the tables, most of them flooded with documents and journals and some with gems and dull rocks. He handed Ryuu a small pick and she began to chip away, slowly revealing a smooth, round gem in the center. When the debris was removed from its smooth surface, Ryuu held it up to the moonlight sweeping through the windows and smiled, “Hiro this is it! It is actually a moonstone!” she said excitedly.
“That’s great we normally don’t find many moonstones in Avalon.”
“Yeah this is perfect! My dad is going to be so plea-.”
“Hold on, aren’t moonstones found under lakes and ponds? Why was it in the mines?”
“I think they found it deep in the caves, so they might have dug underneath a water source.”
“Also what makes moonstones so important?”
“They’re extremely rare and they not only have a light source, but they also have medicinal properties. But they’re hard to find and so valuable.”
“Are there any moon stones documented here?”
“No, at least I don’t think so…” she trailed off for a minute or two, searching the drawers for any documents. She finally found a book; it was old and in tatters, the journal barely being held by its bindings. Ryuu set it down on an empty table and brushed off the dust. The she opened it…

The author's comments:

This piece is an excerpt of a larger work. I have accompanying art work titled Ryuu by Casey Hunter.

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