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Shadows of the Night

April 13, 2009
By lightbearer GOLD, North Bloomfield, Ohio
lightbearer GOLD, North Bloomfield, Ohio
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I stood within the alleys entrance, unsure of which path to take. The entrance to the right would only lead me deeper into the cities darkening underworld. And the door-less frame to left offered a vague and very hopeless hope. So in taking the passage in front of me, which held the most truth, though it barely held any, I ventured into it.

The alley was fairly narrow and made of brick; not the fancy exterior designed, but the kind that one may see or image when having a nightmare. But that was my world, in comparison to others. Though I no longer sleep, I can still remember the sensations that dreams brought me. Whether they be peaceful or disruptive dream, I always enjoyed them. That’s one thing, if any, that I miss about my old life. The ability to sleep is a gift and belongs solely to the mortals, which are as different as night an day to my kind. But enough complaining about my past. I have learned to cope with my new way of life.

My foot stepped on an old emptied beer bottle. It crinkled under the strength of my black heels. Though to most mortal eyes, I was a thin as a rail, my strength was always there; it may be extremely hidden, but it’s there.

I moved with swiftness that could have been easily observed as none human, but there was no one around. It was coming on about one o’clock in the morning. The only individuals that would be out and about were gangs and last-nights drunkards. And so what if they found me. It’s not like they could literally harm me, at least not physically anyway.

A faint moonlight shone through the opening at the end of the alley. I quickened my pace, even though compare to the humans, I would have appeared to have been running. I reached the ending within seconds. My silent footing carried me out onto the sidewalk. I glanced around, hoping to be all alone. The night scenery seemed silent, but the breeze seemed restless. I considered it a warning, and decided to stick to the shadows of the city. Moving effortlessly along the sidewalk, I couldn’t help but notice at how poorly this city was set-up. I felt like I was walking or running, whatever you call it, in circles. I just needed a bench or somewhere dark where I wouldn’t be noticed. I looked for a safe-haven to engulf myself into. Then a gate with a swirling-mental lettering caught my eye. It read: Rosas Garden. A park! that’s just the place I needed to hide until I could figure out where I was.

I bounded across the street, looking both ways of course; but not for traffic, but humans. The last thing I needed was to be alone with a human. If I were anywhere else or had anyone with me, I wouldn’t mind running into some humans. But tonight I was completely alone and very, very vulnerable.

I stepped onto the other sidewalk and slowly walked into under the iron gate. The park was lit with London-fashioned lampposts, which gave an illuminating glow. The path held a welcoming presence to it. Letting my mind wonder, I quickly picked-up on all the different trees. There were maple, oak, evergreens, and white birch, well according to the light from the lamppost. As I stood in the midst of all the trees and shadows, my ears caught the sound of the gentle movement of water, like that of a fountain or shallow brook. And if my my hearing was accurate, then the fountain could only be thirty or forty yards to the right.

I took my time walking. For by the looks of the night sky, I still had plenty of time before I had to reach my destination. Though I would need all that time to find my way.

My graceful legs lead me aimlessly along the stone pathway, letting the cool northern breeze run its course through my wispy hair. I felt like a ghost, transparent and always flowing with the night drafts around me.

I rounded the corner of the stone walkway, which was aliened with a jaded hedge. I smoothly ascended the two tiny stairs in one short bound. Then the path changed. it turned from the elegant individually cut stones too the hard concrete. And with each step, I could hear the faint echoing clicks of my shoes. It’s a good thing that it was so late and nobody would be wondering the park or I would have drawn immediate and unwanted attention to myself.

As I rounded another corner, I saw the fountain. Just as I had expected. It was taller and held a Roman ethnicity to its textural design. Looking both ways, only out of peer habit, I glided to the fountains rim. I sat down at the waters edge and looked into the depths of the water; seeing shimmering coins. That’s one thing I could never really comprehend. Why mortals were so easily persuaded into thinking that wishes came true by tossing money into fountains or wells. My mother had always told me that I had to make my own luck in this darkening world. And so I did; too the extent of becoming what I am today. A monster. Another individual with another secret from society. Well, that’s life, or I should say being.

I stood-up and shifted towards the elegantly swirled bench. To most, the bench would have went unseen in the nightly shadows, but my eyes were made for the night world. In human description, I had cat eyes. The ability to see in both light and dark. I effortlessly swung onto the bench. It was against an vine covered wall, reminding me of a postcard from Italy or some other exotic European country.

I crossed my legs, another habit from my old life, and reached into my coat pocket. Feeling around the pocket, though there really wasn’t much in it- just random things like money, cell phone, a pen, lighter, and some other miscellaneous items. I pulled out the tightly folded-up map and peeled it open. My fingers traced over all the states and then the major cities. And then there I found where I was. I sat there memorizing the streets and anything that would prove useful such as restaurant or landmark.

I was just about to fold-up the map when I caught the faint smell of humans. I steadied myself, remaining completely silent and still as I waited for another sign. Then another aeration swept beneath my chin, burning my nostrils with a hungering desire. I knew I had to get away from this place before they appeared. For if the humans came to close, and with being alone, there was telling what may happen.

I scrunched up the map, not taking the time to fold it nicely and stuffed into my pocket. Wrapping my coat around my slender-portioned frame, I made a bolt towards the other exit, just to the left of the fountain. I jogged through the iron-framed exit, only to find something unexpected.

As I entered onto the new path, I could smell them. They were getting closer; and I could now here their voices in the distance. I slowed myself down to a light walk, which was more like a jog, and listened to what the mortals were saying.

“ I thought there was someone here?”

“ I know what I saw, she’s still in the park!”

“ No sense in wasting a perfectly shaped one!”

I could not believe what I was hearing. I know that most men found me attractive, and I mean, why wouldn’t they? I am immortal, very angelic in appearance; except for the glowing eyes in the dark. But if they found me, I would have no idea and no guarantees as to what I would do. Actually, I know what I would end-up doing, but that’s exactly why I absolutely could not meet these men.

I could hear there heavy-earthly footsteps coming my way. Along with their pounding heartbeats, that I seemed to find desirable. It took all my strength to pull myself away from that sweet melody.

I ran with such ease, I never gave it thought to watch-out for any obstacles. As I went to turn the corner, which led straight to the parks main entrance, my heel caught the gap between the individual laid cement squares. And I fell, and that never happens! Not even to the youngest of us. We are born or made more like, natural athletes.

I hit the ground with such an impact, never fully realizing at how fast I had been moving. The cement beneath me was cracked and even shattered in some places. But on me, not one scratch or bruise. The best way to explain this is like driving a car and hitting something going about ninety-miles-per-hour and not getting hurt. Unreal isn’t it?

I laid there on the ground, wishing to get-up and run out of the park. But there in my mind was a little voice telling me to stay. To be quite honest, it wasn’t a little voice, it felt like a literal person talking to me. So I remained completely still, unwilling to move for fear of being punished.

Then I could both hear and smell the humans coming. They were so close and yet smelled slightly different. Usually, humans have a sweet aroma, but these had a slight hint of bitterness in there blood.

My mind raced with a thousand ways to deal with the situation ahead. I could neglect the voice and run or I could face the humans and do my very best to defend myself without revealing who or what I was. I decided to go with the second plan.

The humans came walking, some stumbling, into the open arena in which I laid. I immediately stood, bracing myself for any fighting. And the men or so they looked, seemed to take notice. Did I mention that they were drunk?

Then one of them stepped out to greet me.

“ Hey pretty lady, how’s you doing tonight?”. I must admit, I didn’t think that he would even be able to walk, let alone speak. But I kept my mouth shut. Hoping that they would catch the vive and leave.

“ Aw, she don’t wana talk. Maybe she wana do something else?”. He turned his head and body to face me, allowing me to see some of his features. He was tall, for a human. I guess that he looked similar to a professional basketball, except he was in desperate need of a shave. He wore a pair of faded jeans and black t-shirt with white-graphic hands reaching upwards. As his head turned, my eyes locked with his. I could tell by his facial expressions what was on his mind, along with every other man that had looked at me through mortal eyes. I was definitely in trouble.

“ No, she don’t wana do anything!” I muttered to the man, trying to take control of the situation. But my words didn’t seem to have an effectual meaning. Then I noticed that there was more than one or three men. There were eight! All looked vaguely similar and yet different, though it was probably just the lighting. The man who had spoken earlier moved closer to me, allowing me to see his skin. It was white, but not as pale as my own. I could hear his heart pounding with excitement. The men moved in on me; closing off any means of escape.

My mind throbbed with the challenge of fighting. If I were to fight them, then I would kill them. I was just to strong and powerful for them to defend themselves. And if I did indeed manage to kill without biting them, then their cuts and open wounds would be enough to kill myself. There was no way I could do this without revealing what I was.

Some of the men were dark-skinned, and had grant elaborate gold chains wrapped around their necks. They must be African or some exotic region. But they stayed to the outer perimeter of the enclosing circle. The whites or Americans or so I thought, on the other hand were persistent in their advances. The one who spoke earlier came within arms length away from me. I could feel my hair standing straight-up and my lips trembling; preparing to give a warning. My fingers no longer dangled freely, but were balled into fists. I don’t even remember feeling my hands crunch together. I must be getting use to it.

The American moved closer to me. He was now only about two or three paces away.

“ Aw… she’s so nervous she trembling. I’ll make it all better.” He took a step towards me. I had maintained control this far and now was definitely not the time to screw-up. So I took a step backwards.

“ Don’t touch me!” All the men chuckled at my petty remark. According to the human view, what woman could possibly win this fight? A fight against eight men and still walk away without a mark, the odds were not in that favor. But I wasn’t a human nor a flakey female, though there are some of those types in my world. Normally they don’t last to long in society.

“ Did you hear that fellers? She wants us to touch her.” The American said with a laughing gleam in his eyes. I took another step backwards.

“ I’m warning you, don’t touch me!” I said with such firmness that it would have put a judge to shame.

Then I heard the faint voice in my head again. I could not interpret it word by word, but I got the vive. It was warning me not to kill, at least not for a meal, but to prepare to defend myself if need be. My mind elapsed and I was immediately aware of the men closing in on me. One step at a time. There blood pounded through their hearts with lust and anticipation. No way in this world were their fantasy’s going to come true, especially with me.

The American shifted closer to me. So close in fact that I could smell his breath. It smelled horrible with the layered scents of alcohol.

“ A warning? Well, I like them dangerous. Don’t I boys?”. Some of the men chuckled and others gave a smart response. But my focus was not on the others, but the American. It would be him that would die first if it turned into a battle between me and them.

“ Lets see how rough you are!” the American said with a faint growl as he advanced toward me. I wished that I had not have snarled, for it was then my teeth showed; revealing my pearly-white fangs. But he didn’t seem to notice. He wrapped his muscular arms around me, making an attempt to bring me to the ground. I let out a menacing snarl that erupted from the bottom of my throat and pierced the night sky. My knee jolted upward and caught the man between the legs, and sent him flying backwards. He fell to the ground with a heavy thud. I turned to stair at the other men, letting my gaze burn into all their eyes and memory. Some seemed in awe at my strength, while a few others stood in fear. But then a African spoke out, despite my snarling.

“ Are you seriously telling me that just because she can pull a few tricks, that your giving up the easily? I’m not. If I see something I want, then I get it!”

And with that, he lunged at me; followed by a three other men. I held my arms out and spun in circles, sending them to the ground quicker than lightening. The African made another attempt at me. He crawled on his stomach and lunged for me legs. He succeeded in grabbing them, but was swung face-first into the pavement.

Then all at once, I was bombarded with six men. All of them grabbing me and tearing at my clothes. This had gone on far enough. So what if these wretched men find out what I am. I’ll bet none of them will live to tell about it anyways.

I raised my hand and dug my nails into the men at random, letting them feel the pain. But that didn’t stop or weaken their advances. I did have one weapon that could and would end them. My jaw dropped open and I was just about to bite the first victim when a voice spoke out.

“ Men. Enough!” All the men, including the lustful American paused. The man was garbed in a black coat that reached to the ground. And his skin was equally as pale as mine. He took another step closer to the men and held out a hand pistol.

“ Anyone left standing here after sixty-seconds will have me to deal with! Now let the girl go and carry on!”

The men released me from their grasp, and left the park in a great hurry. Some not taking the time to grab their coats. Within seconds the park was vacant, just like it had been over an hour ago when I first entered.

The stranger walked over to me and made a great bow. And gave me a polite smile, revealing his fangs.

“ Good evening Zafrina. We have been expecting you.”

My mind went blank with the sound of his voice. It had been so long since I had heard or spoken with another vampire.

I made a curtsy back. “ And good evening to you, sir..”

“ Sir Dimitri.” he finished.
Dimitri. Now that was a popular name within our world. Almost every family had someone named Dimitri. I had always liked the name, but never thought highly of it. I was more for names that were different, yet unique.

He held out his arm for me to take. I looked at him warily, not knowing how to react to his gesture.

“ Thank you for stepping in. I would have massacred the entire group.”
He looked at me, allowing a faint smile to spread across his face.

“ No doubt. I can see that you know how to handle yourself.” And with that, I took his arm and he lead me out of the park, and into the night.

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Bluebelle said...
on Dec. 12 2009 at 1:03 am
This is fantastic. You certainly have a lot of talent. Though the writing seems slightly choppy at points, with a bit of editing that is easily fixed. Keep writing; you should be proud of yourself

Natie SILVER said...
on Dec. 1 2009 at 2:23 pm
Natie SILVER, Jacksonville, Florida
6 articles 0 photos 55 comments

Favorite Quote:
"Struggle as hard as you can for whatever you believe in" -ahaha thats from a Fortune Cookie :D

plz? r u gonna send it by e m a i l or something?

. said...
on Dec. 1 2009 at 12:04 pm
i'm glad you like it. yes, i wrote second chapter, but it wasn't as good. i thought about going further, but i started another story. its not on teen ink, but if you want to readit, i cansend it to you.

Natie SILVER said...
on Nov. 29 2009 at 10:00 am
Natie SILVER, Jacksonville, Florida
6 articles 0 photos 55 comments

Favorite Quote:
"Struggle as hard as you can for whatever you believe in" -ahaha thats from a Fortune Cookie :D

?!!!!! That is...W O W...Is there a continuation of this because I would love to read it:) Lol did you take the names from twilight? I dont care b/cuz this was really good. I've always liked the name Zafrina:)