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An Eternity Of Faces MAG

By Anonymous

   I turned my head, every nerve in my body vibrating. I swung my head back around, my eyes rushing through all the faces before. Brown, blond, red, black, and dyed hair. She must be here; she was just here ... I stepped a solid step that shook my whole body. I recognized nobody. Little babies crying and kids screaming were the only things I couldn't block out. My eyes became blurry and it was hard for me to focus. As I pushed my way through the crowd, I felt and heard people breathing on my neck. I heard voices in my head calling my name, only when I looked back I saw no familiar faces. I felt tears coming to my eyes; I tried to hold them back but it was too unbearable. I pretended to be looking at the floor or the ceiling. My heart was pounding and my hands were shaking terribly. I stumbled down a long aisle and at the end I saw no one. At that moment I heard a loud abrupt voice repeating over and over "Will Nicole Sawyer please report to the information desk in the middle of the mall. Your mother is there ...." I took a deep breath; it felt as if a thousand pounds was lifted off my shoulders. I trotted to the desk trying not to make too much of a scene. I slowed down as I saw my mother from thirty feet away. She started her constant nagging about how I shouldn't have left her. This time I didn't mind her nagging. Don't tell anyone, OK? n

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i love this !