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I still love you

April 1, 2009
By Pauline Blondiaux BRONZE, Vevey, Other
Pauline Blondiaux BRONZE, Vevey, Other
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As I slowly descend the school staircase, I see him. I freeze, hoping he passes next to me with noticing me. But he does, and we both freeze, like if in a nightmare, unaware of the other’s feelings and thoughts.
He stares, straight into my face, his big brown eyes mixed with a look of confusion, of sadness. I tried turning my head around, trying to ignore his face, but my face didn’t want to obey. “I love you Jake,” I whisper, taking his face and holding it. “No you don’t love me. Girls don’t say that to a boy they’ve been ignoring for several weeks, not even knowing the reason why. I love you too but you don’t want our relationship to continue” he whispers arrogantly.
“No, it’s not what you think,” I cry, as he turns around. I grasp his sleeve, and force him to look at me. “Then what is it?” he replies coldly, and this time, turns around and walks to his group of friends.
I feel lost as I walk over to the parking lot. I see him with his friends, acting as if everything’s going on perfectly well, but I know him so well. I know his feelings are mixed up, are confused, and as he sees me looking at him, he turns around. I open the door of my car and jump in. “Hey Molly,” I hear, and I turn my body around to look straight at Ophelia. “Heard little Miss Popular and Perfect girl and Teacher’s pet dumped the star of our school, the head of the soccer varsity team, and the actor in several films. How sad! I truly am touched. Guess you won’t be found in those magazines anymore. Great, I’ve always wanted to be famous, and he is my perfect bait. As soon as he’s mine, I’ll be famous!” Ophelia squeaks, then takes out her pompoms and does a little routine. I quickly start the engine, and with that, I leave the school grounds.
Tears spring out of my eyes as I head to the hospital. I feel livid, upset and confused. I know Jake would find someone better then Ophelia.
As I enter the hospital, I see the fat nurse. “Hurry up! Your cancer treatment was supposed to be at 3:12. It is 3:45!” Says the nurse in her Scottish voice. As I hurry up into the building, I bash into a big tall figure, and as I fall, I see smell the AXE perfume Jake used to wear. At the thought of it, tears spring up to my eyes, but I push them back and look up at the person whose pushed me down.
I see Jake. I stare at him, as he lifts me up effortlessly. “What are you doing in the cancer department,” he asks concerned. “Jake, I wanted to tell you. But I loved you, and I know that people are scared of people who might have cancer, so I didn’t tell you. But I’ve never stopped loving you, and I always will,’ I sob. He takes me in his arms and whispers. “I still love you, and I always will.”
I started choking, the breathing becoming harder and harder. "Call the doctors, she's fainting. Call the doctors!" I hear Jake shouting. I know what's coming. I know that I will fall down, and never wake up again. But I am in Jake's arms and he's hugging me, whispering "I love you, don't die! I love you, I still love you and I will love you forever." I open my mouth, knowing that this is my last breath and I whisper
" I still love you, and I will always love you."

The author's comments:
Sorry if its not perfect but this is my first story that I've ever written.
Any comments

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on May. 27 2009 at 9:41 pm
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True love doesn't have a happy ending, because true love dosn't end. <3
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OMG!!! You have to write a second one! I love this story!! I almost had tears in my eyes!! Just a question, Why was Jake in the cancer department? Does he have cancer too? That would be so cute! Except if she dies, thta would be sad!