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By Anonymous

   Her dress was a soft lilac with purple, blue, and green flowers. The light fabric surrounding her body made her feel special. As her new white shoes stepped onto the wooden floor, Melanie knew that this dance would be the best ever.

Walking through clusters of kids, Melanie began to feel the beat of the music. Soon she would be singing and dancing with all her heart, but for now she was content to talk with her friends Candace, Anne, Laura, and Ron and tap her feet.

The song switched to "That Old Time Rock 'N' Roll" which always made people get up and dance. The music swirled through the air and drew Melanie and her friends onto the dance floor into its power. Twirling, jumping, swaying, skipping, Melanie was one with the song. She loved music. It didn't matter if she were in her room, in a car, or at a dance; the soaring notes always affected her.

But although she felt a rush when she moved to a fast song, the slow ones were the songs she really fell for. When Melanie heard the soft, flowing music, she could almost feel the pain or love of the singer. It was these songs she sang when she was feeling lonely. And it was to this music, her favorite, that Melanie had never danced.

At every dance Melanie had ever attended, she had sat alone while couples swayed together. She convinced herself that the reason was that she hadn't really known any guys. But now she did and tonight Melanie was sure to dance her first slow dance.

The first slow song came on as Melanie, Candace, and Ron were talking. Melanie looked up at Ron, but he was already asking Candace to dance. Floating on the breeze from the open windows, the sweet music wrapped itself around Melanie. But instead of making her feel like gliding through a field of flowers, the song made Melanie feel depressed. She stayed on the windowsill trying not to see her friends out on the floor.

Telling herself that there would be other songs for her to be asked to dance, Melanie shook off the feelings of depression and stepped confidently into the beat of the next song. No reason to worry or feel self-pity; she was dancing again!

Although Melanie laughed and talked with him, Ron asked Anne to dance the next two dances with him. Candace and Laura were whisked away by other male friends. No one noticed Melanie as she blended into the wall by the window.

The last haunting notes faded and everyone began to leave. The flowers on Melanie's dress had wilted; she no longer felt special. Feeling lonely and depressed, Melanie hummed one of her favorite slow songs as she left the dance. n

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