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A Feet's Journey

April 22, 2021
By Sweetheart-Frog GOLD, Warsaw, Indiana
Sweetheart-Frog GOLD, Warsaw, Indiana
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The body stands upon its feet, carrying with it the weight of every tensing muscle and swollen heart. Its feet move it forward in life carrying it through all the rocky terrain, swimming through crashing waves, no matter how badly the body begs them to give out, to let the body fall and crash and be swallowed up into the quiet darkness. The feet don't falter, it forces the body above the waves, to breath in the heavy yet calming air, it pushes them on, propelling them on this journey everyday till they reach those shining shores. It stands, scapin skin across rock, water, and fire, taking upon itself the pain unseen by our eyes and mind. A feets journey isn't easy, it takes help from the heart, the mind, and the eyes. The mind soothes the aching swollen pain that builds at the base of the feet, telling it that the pain will soon stop, and it needs to continue on its journey towards the hope the body wants to find. The eyes look to perceive the dangers that lie ahead and though their perception may be blinded even the slightest warning or worry that's been perceived is a stone stepped over. The heart most of all is the driving force, the feets reason for dragging themselves across the terror filled terrain. Even when the heart darkens and cries for the feet to stop their movement and let it collapse in, and let its strings rip apart, the feet carry on unwilling to let it allow the slow descent of depression swelling everywhere in the body, it will be the last to succumb to the heart's fault. How thankful the heart will be when the body's eyes look over its shoulder at the treacherous life it's journeyed through, and the gracious, glorious life it's been walking towards. How so small the feet carried on themselves the body's weight, and led it through the darkened seas, scorching sun, and ragged mountains, moving upon instinct to follow the invisible purpose that is lost in the soul, suddenly blossoming upon it. They step onto the soft dew coated grass, dipping into the warm gentle waters as it absorbs into its skin, the silky sun rays, finally allowing the body to collapse in this golden paradise. A surge of calm rushing through the body, starting at the feet, up the legs, into the stomach, past the heart, and resting softly in the throat. Suddenly a sound begins to whisper out from the body's soft, broken lips. A voice that hasn't been heard since the beginning of this journey, that has spoken out after years of silence and hiding. The first expression of the soul, to show itself so far, the first epice unlocked by the relentless forward pressing feet, and With the soul unraveling so unlocks another powerful piece its body.

The author's comments:

The fifth chapter in my story, A Collection of Thought. Thank you all who have been through this with me, and continue to carry on to the crystal shores. 

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