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June 21, 2022
By bakhtawar_abid255 PLATINUM, Karachi, Other
bakhtawar_abid255 PLATINUM, Karachi, Other
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The Best & the most beautiful things in this world can't be seen or even heard,
but must be felt with the Heart.❤️

​Once upon a time there was a beautiful lady used to live in a house near the garden she was kind hearted and loyal lady.
One day she went to the garden for walking as she entered she saw 3 strangers they were sitting beside the tree and looking like too much hungry she went towards them and said I don't know who you are but  you all are looking hungry. Come with me "I'll get you breakfast" one of them said have you your own house? She replied: no, that's my husband's house but you can come with me they said "NO" firstly you have to take permission  with your husband.


In that evening her husband came at home so she told everything about strangers her husband permitted them at home for dinner .​
The next day she went for walking and said them you all are invited at my home with my husband's permission the first stranger said  ok fine my name is "HEALTHY" his name is "SUCCESS" and next to success is "LOVE" we couldn't go together at all go at home and ask your husband who does he want to invite.​
She went and told her husband whole situation her husband  was thinking who should come? After a while  he said on the one hand i want to invite "HEALTH" because health is everything but on the other hand i want to invite "SUCCESS" as you know that i am working harder and harder but couldn't find success yet.  ​
They both were discussing so their Daughter-in-law broke the ice and said Not only "HEALTH"and "SUCCESS" but there is also a "LOVE" in my perception we should invite "LOVE" because love can change everything. They both said yes you are right so they invited "LOVE" at home for dinner.
That beautiful lady come out from the house and said "LOVE"  is invited to come at home.  When the "LOVE" was coming to the house the other "SUCCESS" & "HEALTH" they both were ready to go inside the house and said that "LOVE" can't go anywhere alone we have to go with love everywhere that's why we are here with "LOVE".
*You can accomplish by kindness what you can't by force.

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This story about a beautiful lady and strangers .

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on Jun. 21 at 2:13 pm
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The food is in your plate it is not a commodity it is not a sustenance it is not a material this is your life

It is worth reading and fabulous writing great story and well done work very good