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The Climb

June 2, 2009
By xDanny1225x BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
xDanny1225x BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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Training all his life for this one event, he is in excitement as he looks up at the mountain before him, waiting patiently for him to climb its mountainous slopes, without any wires. The desire and yearning sensation fills his emotions as he walks along the division of the mountain from the ground. In his mind, he recognizes this might be his last time he would ever stand on the earth. Nevertheless, the consideration does not end his journey but quite the opposite; he becomes more anxious to start his climb. Soon after, he waits to climb.

He grabs his mountain-climbing gear and lingers to climb; nothing is standing in his way. The only thing that is in front him is his friend: the mountain. Behind him is his mountain climbing team; all holding the same facial expression: fear. However, his team is not stopping him from climbing the mountain; he is determined to mountaineer to the tip of the mountain. After waiting for the motion, which allows him to start climbing, he begins his journey.

In the beginning of his climb, it is incredibly straightforward; an effortless climb is what he thought. Each motion that he makes is like he is walking on the ground, simple and easy. He smiles as he continues his climb knowing that each movement he makes will lessen the distance between where he is and the destination he is planning to reach. Everything is going smoothly; nothing is standing in his way. Determination is all he has. Fear is foreign to him. He is all hyped up. Nothing is standing in his way as he persists on his climb.

After climbing for two hours, he looks down and notices how high he is from the ground; this increases his enthusiasm. His team does the same thing but rather making them more eager, they become more timid. With fear filling their emotions, they ask the one in front if they may perhaps rest for a while. Confused at the thought of them dangling on the side of the mountain he tells them, “Sure, if you want; but, I am not stopping.” At his statement, his team starts to feel that he is crazy and out of his mind. Although his team stops to rest, he carries on his climb.

Climbing alone for an hour, he is gets nearer to his target and goal; nothing is standing in his way. He looks down and is unable to notice where his team is. Looking around, he has forgotten that he is single-handedly climbing the mountain. No one is with him. The only that is with him is the God-made beauty of nature and the towering peak he is climbing. Fear is starting to attack him; nevertheless, it does not discontinue his ambition, his mind is set in place and nothing is stopping him. In thirty minutes of climbing, the unspeakable happens.

While he climbs, his right hand skids off from the position where he was holding onto. He dangles on the side of the mountain by merely holding onto the mountain with his left hand. He looks around to see if he is able to spot his team but fails to do so. Fear starts to drown him. The excitement he once has disappears as he looks down the slope. No one is with him. He is alone. He knows that death is near him and life will shortly be depleted. The cold, bitter air increases the panic and fright in him. Still dangling in the air, his journey up the mountain has been postponed. He cries out, “Help!” but receives no response. His team is far-off from him. Again, he is alone. No one is there to help him get up. Death becomes more near when life begins to leave. The fear of falling has stopped him from climbing.

After waiting for twenty minutes, still hanging with his left hand, he finally realizes what must be done. He has to grab a hold to the mountain with his right hand in order to end his journey to death. Feeling ridiculous, he lifts up his right hand and acquires an ideal grip to the mountain slope. Fear begins to depart from his body as he rests. With the emotion of guilt and foolishness, he shakes his head by the fact he was crammed with pride as he was risking his life. He waits for his team while looking up at his destination; he is able to see the tip. However, he is not going to make the same ignorant mistake he has made. His journey has been postponed but not ended as he waits uncomplainingly and patiently.

Finally, after waiting for thirty minutes, his team climbs to where he is. Smiling, he welcomes the team as they reach him. When they are with him, he begins to climb with them, having the sensation of safety and security. Death is now long gone from meeting him. Fear has been extinct. Joy and enthusiasm are the only emotions left. Nothing is standing in his way. At last, he and his team have reached the tip.

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