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The Baby that Saved the Town

July 7, 2009
By Ashley Paholski SILVER, Ivoryton CT, Connecticut
Ashley Paholski SILVER, Ivoryton CT, Connecticut
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“Mom the news interrupted my show,” whined Michaela. “It must be vital then, hold on I am coming!” exclaimed her mom. The mother put down her cleaning rag, and ran in with her baby Olivia. “We interrupt this show for an important message. A gorilla has escaped from the Bronx’s Zoo, and is not under supervision. If you see him anywhere please call 1-800-NEWS-CAST. We request that you stay inside until further notice, thank you and stay safe!” reported Linda Spears. Michaela and her mother were in shock, their jaws dropped. All they could do was look at the screen and remain completely speechless. The only one that spoke was Olivia, “Goo-goo gorillas go bye-bye.” Frantically their mother ran out the door and said, “I need to get your father, he probably doesn’t know about this. He doesn’t watch T.V. in his agency. Watch Olivia for me,” explained their mother. She ran quicker than you can say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, if you can say that. So, the two were left home to prepare lunch and stay safe. “Olivia stay here while I go make lunch,” shouted Michaela. She was hoping Olivia would be well behaved for her. Little did Michaela know her afternoon was going to be more chaotic than she thought.
Olivia decided she wanted to take a walk alone. She dashed out the door without shutting it. “Olivia where are you?” asked Michaela. There was no answer. She looked everywhere, but her little sister was no where to be found. All of a sudden Michaela felt an arctic breeze, she turned her head and there sat the open door. “Oh my god!” screamed Michaela. Her heart was beating exceptionally fast. She ran outside and looked in their yard for Olivia. Olivia wasn’t there either, now Michaela was tremendously worried. She was sweating and shaking, quickly she ran inside. How could I loose my sister? “I should either contact the police or call my parents. I know, I’ll call my parents, then contact the police and alert our neighbors,” thought Michaela. That is precisely what she did. “Hello mom, it’s Michaela,” she said. “Yes hunny, are you ok?” replied her mom. “No Olivia escaped and I don’t know what to do!” cried Michaela. “Oh no, well stay calm and contact the police as well as our neighbors. I will search for her, don’t panic!” exclaimed her mom. The mom ran quickly down the streets of New York City while Michaela contacted the community. She wondered how anyone could stay serene at a time like this.
In the mean time the baby was having a pleasurable time in one part of the town while the gorilla was having fun in the other part of town. Olivia was invisible to everyone that surrounded her. She was so thrilled to be alone! As soon as she came across the library she was amazed. It caught her eye and she flew right in. The books were all lined up tidily and were in alphabetical order. Olivia didn’t really understand the books after all she was only three. Even though the books seemed like a bunch of letters to her she still had fun knocking them down. Bang! Boom! Crash! The books tumbled off the shelves like a waterfall. Before Olivia got caught she decided to take a trip to swing land, otherwise known as the playground.
Johnny the gorilla was having a little fun of his own. He crashed down the streets, ripping café signs, wrecking news stands, and scaring people. He even made a trip to the local school and scared the children out of their classrooms. The town was so terrified, but no one could get to a phone fast enough to call the news. Johnny kept walking and his next stop was going to be the ice cream parlor.
“Hello police, this is Michaela Jenkins. My baby sister is lost and we need a search party,” explained Michaela. “We will get on it right away, but first I need a description,” said Chief Mark. “Well, she’s three, she has brown hair, brown eyes, and is wearing pink,” answered Michaela. “Alright, don’t worry,” comforted the Chief. Michaela decided to go to the library and wait for her mom. “This might keep me busy,” thought Michaela. So she put on her coat and went for a walk.

“Oh please let Olivia be ok! She is our baby,” whimpered Mrs. Jenkins. “We are going to find her, don’t worry!” exclaimed their dad. The two looked everywhere but couldn’t find her. New York is a very hectic place, and a terrible state to get lost in. Even though there were many obstacles standing in their way, the parents were determined to keep looking.
“Swings!” yelled Olivia. She was so excited; she jubilantly strutted over to the swings, and gradually climbed up. No matter how hard she tried and how hard she jumped the swing wouldn’t budge. All of a sudden Kaboom! Splat! The swing broke and Olivia fell to the ground. She got up and without shedding tears she went on with her adventure!
In the ice cream parlor Johnny was astonished when he saw all the flavors. Of course he was the only one in there because he frightened everyone else. He threw the tables and chairs until he could open up the cooler. Then he found it, ice cream flew everywhere! He obviously didn’t know the purpose of ice cream. The parlor as well as Johnny was covered in frigid, yet radiantly colorful ice cream. He shivered as he walked out the door. Johnny decided to go back to the center of town and get a banana. This was apparently what he called normal life.

Back at the library Michaela was keeping herself active. “This book looks appealing!” exclaimed Michaela. She sat down to look at it, but all she could think about was Olivia. “If I were a baby where would I go?” asked Michaela. She had a spectacular idea, the playground. Off she went without even remembering the gorilla. Her sister really meant a lot to her.

Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins had the same idea as Michaela. Great minds think a like, especially in this case. “Michaela what are you doing here?” questioned her father. “I um, wanted to look for Olivia; after all it was my fault,” explained Michaela. “We are so proud of you. We can all look together!” her mother said excitedly. Immediately the three set off to locate Olivia.
Just like Johnny, Olivia also went into town to crawl around. On her way down the streets she saw a bed store and realized it was time for a nap. She couldn’t go one day with out taking her nap. Besides, she really missed her family and her preference was to be in her own peaceful home. Olivia turned around got in an up right position and said, “I am heading home!” Her adventure was coming to an end.
“Come on lets go check in the center of town near Olivia’s favorite toy store,” suggested Michaela. “Great idea!” the parents said in harmony. They walked and walked until Johnny came into their sight. “Hide!” yelled Mr. Jenkins. They quickly ducked under a bench. “Oh no, we completely forgot about the gorilla. That undomesticated gorilla, from who knows where, better not have hurt Olivia.” they whimpered. The family was exceptionally worried about their daughter. Johnny was headed their way, when all of a sudden a banana peel in the distance caught his attention. “Phew!” said Michaela. They were saved, and just at the right time. They got off their hands and knees and hurried to the store.
As Olivia was heading home, Johnny came right into her path. The two stopped, they took one look at each other and their faces went blank. A grin came across their faces and they sprinted toward one other. This was the most exciting part of her day! The two sat there examining each other, and finally Johnny made the first move. He reached over and picked her up by the diaper. She squirmed out of his hands and landed on his back. “He, he, he,” laughed Olivia. She was having a grand old time, climbing on him like a jungle gym. Johnny didn’t mind this at all; he treated Olivia as if she were his baby. He just sat there poking at the road and staring at the people around him. Olivia picked at his fur, and gave him a big hug. A street worker caught a glimpse of this and called the news cast. Within two minutes they were there, as well as the zoo keepers Mike and Alicia. They filmed Johnny and Olivia and finally brought Johnny back to the zoo. The town was relieved. Olivia had saved the town! They tried to ask her questions, but she didn’t give them what they were looking for. “Why are they sticking a microphone in my face?” thought Olivia.
As the Jenkins family was walking down the street the local News caught their attention. “Here is the little girl that kept the gorilla busy so we could finally catch him. We thank her and are looking for her parents now. So if you’re missing your child come down to the center of town. We will wait here until she is claimed.” stated Linda Spears. “Olivia!” they screamed. They ran and ran until they reached her. They cuddled her in their arms and were thrilled they found her. Olivia was shocked because of all the things that were going on. She just sat there puzzled. So much was going on and everyone was hugging her. “Madam, your baby is a hero!” exclaimed Linda Spears. “Come here Olivia! I love you little sister!” exclaimed Michaela.
The next day Olivia made the News Paper, and her story was on the front page. From then on she was known as a hero! But Olivia had a hero of her of her own, Michaela!

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