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The Schizophrenic Adventure

March 13, 2009
By UrShiningDesire BRONZE, Madison, New Hampshire
UrShiningDesire BRONZE, Madison, New Hampshire
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Recently, a group of people uncovered an Organ Black market chain. This organized crime syndication kidnapped people and surgically removed all sellable organs. People in desperate need of organs would buy them for millions. The syndicate distributed pheromones to their workers that made humans naturally stay away from them. This worked, but this group saw them as cheeseburgers. The syndicate learned of this, and tried to kidnap them.

The two people that uncovered this plot were named Declan and Garry, last names not confirmed. These two saw the cheeseburgers and didn't know what to do. They sneaked in, hoping to find the big cheese(pardon the pun), but only found the processing plant and the cells that people were kept in. They destroyed the main power source and are now heroes. They went to the police, but the cops only laughed. They sent a patrol anyway and found the warehouse

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