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October 16, 2009
By sarah.lamphier GOLD, Park City, Utah
sarah.lamphier GOLD, Park City, Utah
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I close my eyes and try to sleep. After a very long day, this is the time I’ve been looking forward to. I drift off into my slumber. I have now entered Dreamland. I open a door and walk into a blank room. There are no colors. I have to dream those up. Out of nowhere different images and objects appear, unicorns and leprechauns, all my friends and family, panda bears and the man i saw crossing the street, they’ve all joined me in Dreamland.

Now that blank room has turned into a fantasy world of different shapes, colors, anything good in the world you can think of is now here. I walk through a field of daisies and crisp green grass, hand in hand with Prince Charming. I don’t know what to do, in Dreamland I can have anything I want. I dream up a wonderful restaurant that doesn’t cost me a dime. Prince Charming and I take a seat, and on the table in front of us magically appears every type of food I have ever loved, even new types of food that no one ever knew existed, I am feasting on in Dreamland.

Some people don’t know how to reach Dreamland. They have simple dreams that they don’t even seem to remember in the morning. My dreams, on the other hand, are nothing short of amazing. If you think about it, reaching the state of dreams I do, isn’t very difficult. Im assuming your one of those poor people who suffer from what I like to call, BDS, or Boring Dream Syndrome.

I can teach you how to get rid of your BDS in three easy steps. Step #1, right before you go to sleep, think about the most wonderful things in the world. Step #2, once you’re in Dreamland, and your in the blank room, think of the most random things you can, think of what would make you feel better, make your life better, and what you’ve always wanted. Step #3, try to reach Dreamland tonight. As you can see, my rules aren’t very interesting, they’re actually quite stupid, but, they will help you.

Dreamland is the most amazing place I have ever been. If you can’t reach it, I am deeply sorry. It’s quite fabulous if you ask me. I mean, last night I lived in a mansion in Beverly Hills and I had all the material things I could possibly think of. Not to mention, my family and friends were all there in their very own mansions. It was so beautiful.

Tonight, I dare you to try to reach dream land, and if you don’t, not to be rude, but all I can say is it’s too bad for you!

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