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Sweet Dreams

October 11, 2009
By YouCanCallMeAlex SILVER, Cavecreek, Arizona
YouCanCallMeAlex SILVER, Cavecreek, Arizona
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The mirror was fogged with steam from the shower, Vampire was written into the steam. Looking at her naked body, Marissa wrote more: crazy, sexy, beast, beautiful, flawless, and pale. Then wrapping herself in her towel, she stepped out into the cold dim room that was beautifully decorative. Everything was new. Marissa was one of the few vampires in the world, that choice her lifestyle. Drinking synthetic blood was satisfying but not filling. Marissa pretended to be in 8th grade because that’s when she changed. Year after year she would move with her family. Never changing. Never growing. There was one thing that Marissa longed for, and that was to dream again. Never sleeping got boring. Marissa has eternity to do whatever she wants, and yet she would kill to dream. Marissa daydreams, but never really dreams.
Marissa’s family is caring. Marissa has a husband, Shane. He, like Marissa, is a vampire. His soft blonde hair is side swept the right, Shane is a drug dealer and a good one at that. Late night parting and raves are amazing. Vampires can get high and drunk. Alcohol is like blood but not as strong. Vampires have to drink 15 times as much as humans to get drunk.
Marissa herself was short with jet black hair that fell down her back. She was amazingly beautiful. Never needing to wear make up she was the most popular girl in the eighth grade. Her eyes were as blue as the sky when she wasn’t hungry and then slowly turned black as her hunger grew. People have asked about her eyes, but she tells them that she just has contacts.

The author's comments:
I don't really know what to call this piece of writing. Tell me what you think of it, what I need to fix things like that.

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