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The Masai Mara

November 10, 2009
By WeetzieBat PLATINUM, Dallas, Texas
WeetzieBat PLATINUM, Dallas, Texas
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The wind ripped through my fur, my heart was pounding, and the thrill of the chase was on... I could hear my feet hitting the ground, as I charged towards the gazelle, with what could only be described as race-car speed. I was so close to making the final stretch, when it noticed it's impending doom, and sounded an alarm call.

Hissing, I forced my body to go faster, my world starting to blur. My only focus was my prey, and it's sweet aroma led me closer to it. The whole herd of Thompson's Gazelle, was now running, and I could smell their panic. It was an am amazing smell, that fueled me to go faster.

Thud. I had finally reached the gazelle, and knocked him over. I bit into his jugular, his blood pouring into my throat. I grinned as I took a large bite. This was only a snack to me, but hopefully I could catch some more. Grabbing my prey, I quickly headed to a tree, wanting to eat in the shade. I also needed a good look out for oncoming predators, the Masai Mara could be unpredictable.

I dug into my prey, eating quickly, and burying the bones. My muzzle was covered in blood, and I licked it off slowly, it's great aroma surely going to attract predators. I looked around, checking the land for any lions, jaguars, or rival cheetahs. With none to be found, I headed home, wanting to get back to my own territory.

That's when I heard a chirping cheetah, dangerously close to my territory. I crouched down, digging my claws into the ground. Another cheetah, on MY territory? I hissed slowly, looking around for the culprit.

“Nice territory, reeks of a female cheetah,” Someone meowed, clearly talking to someone else.

“Very nice, but what about other predators?” Another voice asked. I growled, its rumble deep in my throat. They couldn't really be talking about my territory! I was so upset, I couldn't take on two male cheetahs, especially if they were brothers. That was suicide.

“Hey, did you hear that!?!” The first one demanded, moving to where I could see him, and he was dangerously close to me. I realized I had snapped a twig and mentally scoffed at myself, I was behaving like a newborn!

“Yeah I did, Jeremy!” The second voice meowed, turning in my general direction.

“Let's find whatever it was, Lars...” Jeremy growled, sniffing the area.

“It's over here!” Lars hissed, pointing to me. I growled at them, a warning. They shared smiles and both started towards me.

I started to back up, as they crouched down, heading closer to me. I turned and fled, tears glistening in my eyes, as the hot sun caught my shadow. They chased after me, their feet pounding to the beat of my heart. I pushed myself, running faster, and faster, my feet hardly touching the ground anymore. I heard them breathe in deeply, as they realized how quickly I ran.

“WAIT!!!” Jeremy chirped. I kept running, ignoring their remakrs.

I had to move, it would be another tough day in the Masai Mara.

The author's comments:
I've been experimenting with writing in different points of view- here's one from an animal's.

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on Dec. 25 2009 at 11:47 pm
CanYouSeeTheCrazy PLATINUM, Cle Elum, Washington
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keep writing on this story line. it's interesting, and i'm hanging off a cliff here. =]