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I'm sure your dreams will find you.

January 9, 2010
By ResistMe PLATINUM, New Tazewell, Tennessee
ResistMe PLATINUM, New Tazewell, Tennessee
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It's Likely,

That at some point in your life,you've felt happiness stronger than anyone

eles could have possibly began to comprehend,or at least,that's how you

saw it.

It's possible,

That at some point in your life,you felt like you were completely

required for another human's survival,like you were everything they could

possibly need,and you,felt the same for them.They had obtained your

your heart,and you owned theirs.

And it's definite,

That at some point in your life,you've felt terror and fear so great and

uncomrehensible,you felt like there was no returning to safety,ever again.

It's also,all of the above,that along the way,you came to an abrupt hault.

A very sudden unexpected sharp little pause.Could have been strolling along,

maybe picking out the next box of cereal for you to devour at the old market,

or maybe you were sitting alone on that old matted up sofa with the broken

spring.Wherever you were,you came to an explosive hault.Your life just,paused

for a breif moment,and you began to let your mind wander freely for the first time

in quite some time.Contemplating life,where its taken you,where its morbidly

abandoned you.Times of triumph and glory,and those times you couldn't seem

to convince yourself it was worth toppling out of bed.But,then you felt..empty.

Like a star exploded amongst you,and a little black hole was in it's early stages.

Where's the excitement you once craved daily?The love you haven't felt in such a

depressingly long time? Look where you've let 'life unravel itself' to.

You swore to her the excitement and fortune would find you,right where you sat

that night,enjoying Comedy Central's late night specials,and chowing away at

that bowel of canned ravioli's.Wish you would have listened?She chased down her

dreams.You let your's dissappear quietly in the background as you 'enjoyed life

as it came.' Nice job,proud of where you are? I hope so.Maybe if you wait another

two decades,this time your dreams will climb your way to the top for you.

I'm guessing you're the type that strives on this type of hope. Good luck,old friend.

The author's comments:
Just working on my metaphoric type skills.Not exactly impressive.But I tried to add in a moral this time;Your dreams won't come looking for you.

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