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The world shattered ( chapter one)

April 7, 2010
By Falling GOLD, Bellingham, Washington
Falling GOLD, Bellingham, Washington
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My weakness is, I care to much. And the scars remind us, the past is real, I tear my heart open, just to feel.

"Mattey? Mattey?" Kira called to me, rushing across the courtyard to greet me. "Did you see the new guy?" she asked, her eyes bugging out of her head like she woudl devour him if he were to present himself at this very moment.
"Sad to say i have not." I replied, continuing my walk toward class. "And frankley, Kira i do not care."
"Come on, it's been a year, you have to get over him eventualy."
"Get over him?" i asked, the anger boiling in my skin like water woule in a pot. "I loved him! It will take my entire LIFE to get over him!"
"I'm sorry M, I didn't mean anything by it, i just want you to be happy." she sounded so sincere, so regretfull,
"I know, KIra, it's just.." i trailed off, unsure of what to say.
We entered our first period class, the first class of the first day of the last year of high school.
"Girls, might I ask why you are late?" The teacher asked, i turned to look at her, her ancient face, a mask of wrinkles, gray hair pulled tight into a bun at the nape of her neck.
"My dog was hit by a car this morning," Kira said casualy as if her dog was hit by a car every morning.
"Sit down, and know, i will not tolerate further tardies in this class."
We sat near the back, and turned our small attention span toward the front, the teacher, Mrs. hammonds, was about to open her thin mouth when the door opened again.
My eyes narrowed into slits as teh boy walked in. He had Short, black hair, and when he smiled coyly to the teacher without saying a word...
But it was his eyes. They were blue. Not any blue they were a deep blue, like water at midnight. Tehy were exactly like Darren's.
I turned to look at Kira who was already looking at me. She nodded her head once and i understood why she had wanted me to see the new guy so bad. He looked exactly like Darren.
He walked past us and sat behind me and when he walked by i caught a scent, he smelled of the rainforest, and i closed my eyes, and breathed in deeply.
"Now, we will start of small, with Shakespear." Mrs. Hammond's began, but i quickly tuned her out. I could feel the strangers eyes on the back of my head and i wanted to turn around to gaze into his eyes, but i forced myself to stay turned toward the black boatrd the teacher was now writting on in shaky cursive.
The whole period i found it hard to focus, even when we got in groups to read Act I of Hamlet, my gaze continuosly ligered back to the stranger.
Why does he look so much like Darren? i found myslef thinking again and again.
After class, I quickly snatched up Kira. " You didn't tell me-"
"I tried! But you wouldn't listen!" She whispered even though the halls were plenty loud enough to mask our conversation.
"Kira, he looks exactly like Darren."
"I know!" She grabbed my arm, and looked serioulsy into my blue eyes, "do you believe in recarnation?"
"No, but..." I looked around me as if expecting to see the ghost memory walk by, but i only saw the blur of faces, the swish of a skirt, a smirk.
"I have to go M, i'll talk after second." Kira said and hurried off in the direction of her class.
I still had to go to my locker and get my history book, i tried to hurry, but i found that the bell rang before i was even half way there.
oh well i guess i'll just have to be late. Again. i sighed as i began to spin the dial on my locker, lost absently in my thoughts
"Surprised to see me?" Asked a deep voice, full of amusment. i stood still, this had to be a dream right? They coudln't have the same voice too?
"You've become awfuly queit since we last spoke." He said.
"I've never spoke to you beofre." I answered closing my locker, and trying to hold onto my sanity.
"Don't play dumb with me Mattey, or should i say, Madeline?" Madeline. Only Darren had called me that, I whirled around to face him.
"I do not knwo what your playing at, but leave me alone."
"Mattey. it's me, it really is." He said softly, i wanted to believe him, but i stopped beliving in ghost stories when i was 6.
"I can't." i chocked and walked quickly away.
Feeling overwhelmed, i knew i wouldn't be able to stay in class without disrupting, so i just went home. I sent a text to Kira saying to just come to my house after school, but when i walked in the door, ghosts of boyfreinds past was already sitting there, in the same black chair Darren always used to wait for me in.
"How did-"
"Spare key in the plant." He answered, rising. he wrapped me in his arms, and i allowed him to for a second, then i broke away.
"What do you want?" I whispered. "Your not Darren. I buried you? I was there when you... when you died." i said, remebering when they declared the time of death and shut of the monitors off, despite my protests that there must be somthing they could do.
"Mattey I know this must be hard for you to understand, but we can be together now, we can-"
"NO WE CAN"T! YOUR DEAD!" I screamed, taking a step back, and bumping into a wall, which i put my hand on to steady myself.
"No i'm not. Mattey touch me, you can feel me, i'm real."
"Please don't do this, you died once, i couldn't bear it if you did it again."
"Mattey, i'm not going anywhere"
"Darren please.." I looked up, he was so close, and the heat he radiated couldn't be fake? "Darren?" i trailed off, he wrapped me in his arms and looked into my eyes.
"Mattey, you don't knwo how long i waited for this, to be with you again." He murmmured and lowered his lips onto mine.

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