October 9, 2007
By Anonymous

The young girl shivered with cold and fear. She was alone in her house, but she thought that she heard voices and noises in the dark. The power had gone out more than an hour ago. Her parents wouldn't be home for six more. Each foot fell like a brick as the 13-year-old girl moved up the stairs.

"Hello?" She called down the pitch-black hallway, "It's just me, Kyra." No voice returned her greeting. Kyra shivered again. She broke out into a run and leaped into her room. On the floor was a newspaper article and a pink plush rug... And that was all. No bed, no dresser, no orange and black stuffed animal giraffe. For a moment, Kyra closed her eyes. When she opened them, nothing had changed. She picked up the article.

"Girl Missing," She read, "Age: 13, Hair Color: brown, Eyes: blue, Name:...," Kyra never finished reading. She knew the words before she said them. The article was from one year ago. They must have given up looking. Kyra wasn't to be found.

Thunder boomed as tears fell down Kyra's cheeks. A bystander would only see two drops of water floating in the air.

Kyra was invisable.

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