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May 12, 2010
By Ghostwriter92 PLATINUM, Salt Lake City, Utah
Ghostwriter92 PLATINUM, Salt Lake City, Utah
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On a cold alpine tundra in Alaska, an arctic wolf sits peacefully on the permafrost ground. As the fierce winter winds attack the lifeless landscape, the dominant creature sits steadfast, without showing a single notion of being cold. As we go further south, the vegetation is more available. An old male caribou is out for his afternoon walk. However, food is running low as winter moves down slowly. Tomorrow this caribou will be going south to join the rest of the herd. He is one of the last caribou to leave this part of the tundra.

However, this caribou has not noticed that a young female grey wolf is following it. As winter draws nearer, food has been decreasing for the wolf, and an old caribou is more than welcome to come along her path. This wolf notices the antlers on the caribou; she knows she must be careful. The carribou’s eye finally meets with the wolf’s and they’re off. This old caribou knows the tundra well and even for his age he was fast. Every time the young wolf gets close to the caribou, she tries to nip at his feet to make him fall, but she fails. The caribou has had enough. He turns and shows off his antlers. The wolf is not the least bit intimidated. As the caribou tries to stab and swipe at the young wolf, she graciously avoids each attack.
After a while, both animals are exhausted, but the wolf is determined to have her meal. With quick sprint, she gets underneath the beast and attacks. The caribou can’t really do anything. He tries helplessly to run, but the wolf’s jaws are locked into his flesh.

Finally, a long moan bellows from the great animal and he collapses in front of his great predator; the wolf. Dinner is severed! Tomorrow, there will be not old male caribou going south, for today was his last. On a cold alpine tundra in Alaska, an arctic wolf sits peacefully on the permafrost ground.

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