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Uma and Samantha

January 23, 2008
By Anonymous

Uma and Samantha were very close friends and roommates for very long time.

Uma was very crazy and different from normal people. She was very bold too,

she could tell what she thinks and feels without any hasitation. She had blond

hair with pink lines, a piercing on her eyebrow and many tatoos which were

covering her body. She had a small room which had pink, bright walls. There

were many posters on them. There was a second hand table which had holes and

stickers on it. There were also tons of cd’s on the table and millions of papers

on the floor. The room was as untidy and dirty as a rubbish heap!

Wheras Uma was very different like this, Samantha was the opposite of her.

She was very thin and she had dark brown hair and eyes. She could easily

dissapear in the crowd because of her normalcy! She had a small room like Uma

but her room was not as dirty as Uma’s room. The walls of the room were very

light yellow and there were few nice pictures on them. The room was very tidy

and smelled like beautiful flowers and there were a soft bed with many small

pillows and a small wooden table.

As you see they were completely different from eachother but they were very

close friends. But one day everything changed!

In the beginning, it was a very ordinary day with usual events. The weather was

very cold, chilly and windy. There were raining cats and dogs and Samantha was

at school wheraes Uma was wathcing tv in their warm house. Suddenly the door

bell rang and Uma ran to open the door. She looked from the little hole on the

door. The face was very familiar but she couldn’t remember on the top of her

head. First, she hasitated to open the door but then in two shakes of a lam’s

tale she changed her mind and oppened it. He was Lois, Samantha’s hamdsome

boyfriend! He was wet like he’s comming from swimming.

‘ Can I see Samantha?’ he asked with a very cute smile. He knew that she’s at

school but he was acting like he don’t know.

‘ Samantha is not here, she is at school.’ she murmured. She couldn’t understand

what’ s going on.

‘ But I walked for two hours under the rain to come here. For two hours!!!’ he

shouted. He was very strange, he was trying to act like he’s angry but he was


‘ You can come and drink coffee with me, if you want.’ she suggested.

‘ Of course, I want to!’ he accepted.

They went to kitchen and Uma prepared the coffees. While they were drinking

their coffees Lois was very unconfortable. He seemed like he wants to say


‘ What’s wrong Lois? Are you okey?’ Uma asked.

‘ Yess… but… I …’ Lois murmured.

‘ What??’ she asked.

‘ I want to sat something to you Uma. It’s very important.’ he said. He hold

Uma’s hand while he was talking.

‘ Ok. Tell it!!’ she shouted. She was very curious.

‘ I don’t love Samantha, I love you!!!’ he confess. After that, he kissed Uma and left

the house without saying anything.

Uma was very miserable but at the same time she fell in love with Lois to. She

thought about this very much and at five o’clock Samantha arrived. First,Uma

hasitated to tell everything but then she decided to tell Samantha the truth.

When she finish telling the events, Samantha started to cry and left house.

She started to run she was very very san avd Uma ran after her to catch her.

She catch her when they were next to a coffee. While Uma was trying to make

Samantha relax, they saw Lois with another women!!! They couldn’t belave their

eyes and they understood that Lois was a genuine enemy. They promissed not to

break each other’s heart because of other people.

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