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Mason Clendon

April 9, 2008
By Anonymous

This person will always be one of my favorite friends to hang around with, while I would never bring him into contact with my mom though for reasons that are selfish. Mason would let me into his house every time; he fed me burgers at one point in time and has celebrated his nineteenth-birthday with me.
He has three sisters; Joni-who I used to go out with- is one of his little sisters, Sheena, his older and nastier sister who has conceived a child, and Gracie, whom I never talk to because she is still in grade school. They all know me because of the time I have spent at their house, so do their parents. I do not know their names, but they treat me with respect while I am in distance of each other. Mason’s niece, is around the same age as Gracie; they both enjoy each other and are more like sisters, playing with dolls and catching the bus home together.
Mason has a girlfriend who is carrying his seed; they plan to have it in early March, or late February. They met last year and have been together since, Adrianne, his girlfriend went to school with me and we were friends, now I think it’s cool that we all can hangout some day.

He lives with his parents still in a small home near the edge of town, his backyard has a basketball court, that we played on, and a clothesline. His room has a weightlifting bench and posters of rap stars that show his music interests; also a punching bag hangs in the room for the people he does not like.
He has made many enemies while drunk at parties; he has fought with them and never made up. He never let anyone hit his sisters and get away with it; he has never back down from a fight and will never. He watches wresting matches because of the human contact,

He does not have cable or satellite but when at my house, that is all we will watch, that or action movies. He is a drop out of high school but still wants to have one; he is taking classes for his GED; he is a guy that wants more from life, someone who has hopes to make it big in a small world. He response to MTV is “ screw that…let’s watch
something else,” and we would, and then he would follow up with a street-smart opinion, “ man if I had the money…I would buy a big house…and some more money.” I was sure he would live out his life, doing all the things a young man would do, to be happy.

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