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The sky was bright blue

September 27, 2007
By Anonymous

The sky was bright blue, like looking at a huge robin’s egg. White cotton candy was in the sky, just four small pieces though. The grass was as green as I have ever seen it, with only one small bald spot. The single tree in the yard looked lonely, with only one small blue bird on its branch for company. The tree had a brown trunk with a green that matched the grass for leaves. The blue bird moved to the highest branch and began its sweet song. A squirrel stuck its head out of a leafy branch. It seemed excited the way it jumped up and down. Before I could get a better look at it, it ran away. There are two flowers keeping each other company t the trunk of the tree, one blue and the other pink. The pink one was bent over the blue one making it look taller. Both flowers only had one lone leaf. The flowers added the little bit of color the tree needed. The white picket fence made the scene. It was bright white and made you smile. The scene was perfect for a hot summer’s day.

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