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the bazooka (a silly tale about talking animals)

September 21, 2010
By unlike-azazual SILVER, Navarre, Florida
unlike-azazual SILVER, Navarre, Florida
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all of a sudden a distant voice became lound and when i was conviced it was the devils tounge cerassing my ear it turned out to be the musical voice of an angel.

Lizy llama went to go visit Willy the Wombat, and when Lizy got there she found Willy in a rave fest, plotting crazy plans to destroy all the evil in the world. Lizy found that Willy somehow got his hands on a radioactive Bazooka that detects evil. Lizy went berserk telling Willy how much of a genius he was, but…..Lizy had to stop for a minute and think, wait. “Where did you get a radioactive bazooka?” Lizy asked. “Oh the black market!!!” said Willy “Their giving this stuff out like its candy.” Lizy started ranting again “and you just have it sitting in the corner of a room…..” They argued for another ten minutes until a knock came at the door…… “Open up it’s the S.C.C.D (Special, critter, Criminal, Detectors) we heard you had an extremely dangerous device.” Quickly Willy carefully hid the bazooka and then watched as the S.C.C.D search his house, but they were never going to find it ? .

When the S.C.C.D were done searching Willy’s home, Lizy and him returned to their plans to demolish all evil, to stop the constant war between good and evil and to destroy evil for once and for all. As it should be because good dominates.

“We’ll its settled the bazooka will go off at 12:00 tomorrow.” Willy the wombat said to Lizy llama “and all evil will be destroyed for once and for all.”…..When again they heard a knock at the door to see an ancient ninja penguin, with a calm look on his face. “I am Peguda, and I have come to save the world, and I had a feeling you were going to destroy it, so I followed my inner penguin and it led me here. So what are your plans, so I can stop you?” Lizy llama quickly stepped in. “You’ve never saved the world before, have you?” “You don’t ask the bad guys what their plans are and expect them to them to tell you.”……….Then oddly out of the blue, a pink Giraffe named Gerald, comes sprinting awkwardly through the door wearing nothing but a blue cape with matching speed-o’s, yelling about the devil and how the end is near. He then commenced to baptize the house with holy water, and the gang watched in shock as the crazy giraffe blessed their house driving out 666 demons. Gerald claiming to be a prophet explained how sorry he was and how he could sense the evil from miles away, also claiming “if you were to fire that bazooka you would have incinerated the house instantly.” Peguda then understood that Lizy llama and Willy the wombat was not trying to destroy the world, but all of the evils that are in it. He then began ranting about the balance between good and evil and how one could not exist without the other, and so forth ………When….. Lioel the lion came out of one of the back bedrooms, doing who knows what with Bob Marley blaring in the back ground (Lioel is one of Willy’s distant cousins). Putting in his opinion, Lioel declared with his mouth full from a jelly cream filled doughnut, “I think…the old timer has a point…. you can’t always spread peace through bombs, the after effects would be CRAZY, and it just doesn’t always work that way.” “Oh hey ummm Wil, do you just so happen to have any cheetoos up in here I’m hungry and I think I have a severe case of the munchies?” and he fumbled to the kitchen not even waiting for Willy’s answer. Gradually they went back to their argument trying to figure out if they should deactivate the bazooka or not…….. When little chick from next door found an oddly strange remote control with a big red button, and you’ll never guess what it was to…..

Little chick walked into the house to a lovely greeting that sounded like, “ may the power of Christ compel you”, and a type of liquid thrown on her, by a crazy pink giraffe wearing blue speed-o’s and a matching cape. Little chick walked up to Willy and asked if the remote was his, since it was on his property and if she could have it. Willy red with anger, looked as if he was about to deck the old penguin in the face for his ancient beliefs, could barely hear little chick next to his feet. So to make her go away, told her she could have whatever she wanted, so he could get back to his argument. Little chick was so excited; she had a burning curiosity of what the remote could do, and went straight home to press the magic button. She was hoping it was something like the easy button (she was having a little trouble laying her eggs). As little chick walked out the door the crazy pink giraffe started screaming at the top of his lungs “THE END IT NEAR!!!!!”
You could guess the ending…….

The author's comments:
i wanted to create something that would put a smile on everyones face regardless of age..

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