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November 14, 2007
By Anonymous

The icy cold water surrounded my body and sent me into a cold induced shiver. I couldn’t see the bottom; all I saw was the dense darkness below. I tried not to panic; the panic would send me into the deep abyss. I regained my composure and tried my best to stay calm. The cold water slowed my brain, I couldn’t think properly.

I saw the boat slowly going down into the depths of the ocean. People around me were trying their best to stay afloat and stay alive. Children were hanging onto their mothers trying not to float away from their only comfort left. We all had one thing in common; we all were fighting to live.

The waves crashed against my face, I choked on the salty seawater. It stung my eyes making it hard to see. I looked for something to hold onto, there was nothing. The waves grew; they were pushing me down to the bottom. I fought my way to the top seeing the light on the surface of the water. As soon as I got to the top the waves pushed me back under. They didn’t want me to survive, they wanted to push me into the ocean floor and leave me there.

This couldn’t happen to me, I needed to survive. I kept trying to push my way to the top. Above me I could see the surface, below was indescribable darkness; nobody knew what lie at the bottom. I rose to the surface one more time; I tried to swallow as much air as I could. The waves crashed every which way I couldn’t see anymore my eyes burned. My energy was gone I couldn’t fight it anymore. My lungs filled with the cold salty water. I slowly was sinking to the bottom, into the dark depth of which nobody knows and nobody has survived to tell.

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