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I Would Like to Tell You...

November 26, 2007
By Anonymous

Chapter 1

I would like to tell you that this story is the kindest, cutest, optimistic, story ever written; but that would be a lie. Infact this story is probably one of the strangest, weird and seemingly untrue stories ever wrote. The reasons I am telling you this first, is because after reading the first chapter you will probably put this book down wherever you got it from and not give a damn about never seeing its cover ever again. But the reason why I am telling you the truth is because I have to and if you bover to read on you will find out. Now you are probably wondering what the hell lying has to do with a book to do with a ghost hunter but it will come to clear later on. In this book you will find out what made me want to become one. But remember what ever your instincts tell you, tell it to bug off.
Because this book is like a news channel, its 100% real.

Chapter 2

It all started on a warm summers morning, Friday 24th of July to be exact. I was 13 and was with my best friend Kyle we were talking about horror movies and which ones were are favourite, I said probably “Scream” and he said “ The Texas chainsaw massacre”. I said isn’t that a bit gory and he replied not really im used to it. By now it was break time, we had just had science and history, two of the first worst ever subjects invented. A small group of my friends were hovering around us and were shouting at the smaller kids. It was when we were talking about this subject when he said to me in a kind of way you speak to a 3 year old, “hey Arthur do you believe in ghosts”. I was wondering what he was on about, I never believed in that stuff so simply, I said no way its all a load of rubbish. My friends all gathered round to listen to the articulation. One of the little kids from year 5 had told a teacher, and he was approaching. “ Well how about then we stay the night at number 666” said Kyle (its the devils number so every one says the house is haunted). Every other person shuddered and looked at me to say do it. “Jack”, screamed Mr long, my mate plodded over to him with a guilty expression on his face, (Mr Long was the strictest teacher in the school).
It was just then that I was about to say no when I remberd my reputation, and realised that everyone was watching so I gave my approval. I dont know why or how I could have done such a thing but I did… I gave my permission. When I think about it I think it was everybody’s excitement that forced me into it. I think every one was quite excited with my decision and I felt very noble at this point in time but for all I knew it was going to change my life… for the worst.

Number 666 was also known as the mansion because it was huge. It was said that a boy killed all of his family, the sister, the brother, the mother, and the farther, he picked the knife and never put it down. The house has been abandoned for 40 years, so only god knew what was inside and soon I was to discover.

Chapter 3

It was boiling on the way home from school it took about 20 minuets to reach my house, by the time I reached the end of the of the close, I felt so dry I could have swallowed a lake. When I arrived at home I told my parents that I was sleeping around Kyle’s and they agreed because they were having a quiet night in, watching a film they had rented from HMV. Kyle had said the same thing to his folks as well, they agreed of course, they are like the coolest people i’ve met in my life, and they let Kyle get away with everything, possible murder!
Little did we know how close we really were to death that night. I ate my tea and phoned Kyle and told him the plan. Later we were ready.

9:00pm outside local shop
9:15pm met Kyle
9:30pm leaving for haunted house
9:45pm arrive at house
10:00pm inside gates

It was cold as we made are way up the road that lead to the house, I had forgot to bring a scarf but my coat was a good enough source of heat. Soon both of us saw the “mansion”. We walked up the confined pathway encircled by trees. Kyle sneezed and I nearly ran back home screaming thinking that it was something unexplainable! We reached the porch and tried to open the door but it was locked. Kyle giggled and reached into his pocket and produced a small key. My heart sank and I said to him how the hell did you get that, slightly hoping it was the wrong key and we had to go back home. Kyle said nothing and winked and tapped his nose grinning like a hyena on laughing gas. We walked in after what seemed like an eternity .It was damp inside and the air was musty, the floorboards creaked like a mouse who was about to get disposed from this world to the next. I switched my torch on and saw a wide red carpet on a huge staircase.
We started to walk towards it when I heard a bang as if there was poltiguise activity. I turned quick glancing around us and noticed an unlit candlestick floating in the air, I was petrified and so was Kyle .
We didn’t know what to do so we ran up the stairs.
Cold.hungry.scared.damp trousers.
We saw a room in front with a door wide open.we ran in hoping it was the back door, unfortunately it wasn’t. The door slammed shut behind us and locked it self.
We set up are sleeping bags after we consummated are conversation about what we had seen.
Abruptly the covers flew off are sleeping bags. We sealed are eyes shut and a small chill spot was covering me. I started to cry and my prolonged brown hair was sweating, and the drops were slipping down my face, stinging like acid. I hit my head on the wall by accident and was bleeding on the back of my head, I clamped my hand over my cut, I pulled it back to see how serious it was. I was relived to see it was only a minor injury and I could contain my conciseness. I tried to substitute my hand but it was caught against some thing , I was very anxious to turn round so …I did.
It was the worst choice of my life.

Chapter 4

Glancing at me were a pair of red cat like eyes, just watching me. I screamed, Kyle jumped up to rescue me but the thread of my wooly jumper was hooked around the spring on the mattress that was at the side of my sleeping bag. Luckily Kyle had a pocket-knife that his uncle had brought him on his 13th birthday. He got it out and tried to cut the thread, but he took a third of my skin off in the process. -I squealed and like a flash put pressure on the cut using my hand, this was the second hack at my body I’d received and it was proving painful-. We ran out of the locked door, which was somehow now open, I ran, Kyle screamed, I was so selfish at that point because I ignored him and continued running until I reached a room and slammed the door shut. I sat down and listened for any noises from Kyle…damn, I screamed 5 seconds latter, after not hearing anything. I put my head against the door and waited for a sound, nothing, I listened again hoping for something, again nothing. I clamped my hand on the door handle and counted to myself 3,2,1.

Chapter 5

I opened the door and ran down the huge corridor, and took a right down the stairs. That’s where I found Kyle he seemed fine I grubbed him and we started to run. We reached the front door, It was locked so we took another right and ran into a room, which looked like the kitchen. I felt as if someone was watching me so I turned around and saw sharp knives floating around.
Using my senses I spotted a corner with an open window. Kyle clambered through it, it was now my turn but I slipped and then everything went blank.

Chapter 6

I woke up in a hospital bed with my mum, dad, Kyle, and his parents. I felt tired but didn’t mention it I was too busy trying to work out what had happened. What happened? I asked
Kyle answered, it was quick, short and snappy, “ we both were wrong,” he said winking at me. “what did we get wrong” I replied with great curiosity. “We both thought we was going round each others house to sleep, we met up about half way to each others house then you slipped on a patch of water, I had to call your mum”. “Are you ok” my mum said “you have a deep cut on you shoulder and on the back of you head”. Kyle interrupted
“You landed on a piece of glass, the doctors say your going to be alright though”. RING, RING, it was mums phone, she stepped outside and so did Kyles parents. “What are you playing at?” I whispered to Kyle.
“Look” he interrupted “me and you both know what happened last night and we are going to be famous!”
“How the hell did you work that one out?” I asked
“Simple, we go down to my uncles shop, you know the one who got me that penknife, and borrow two camcorders and…” “wait a minute” I said “are you suggesting that I should go back in that mad house a record a load of fake stuff!”. “ And put it on TV, yes, if that’s the way you want to put it” he said. “What” I said “put it on TV”. “Yes and get paid of course”. “Paid, how much?” I asked. “Up to about…£1000!”
“WOW” I screamed! At that moment the adults walked in, asking what the hell was the matter!
I said, “Im feeling a bit better, may I go home!”

Chapter 7

This time we had a plan and it was a good one, it was:

Kyle asks his mum if Arthur (that’s me) can stop to sleep round his house

2.I betend to be Kyle’s friend called jack and phones to ask if Kyle and me want to sleep round his.

3.we agree

4. While Kyles mum thinks we are round jacks house, we actually are at the haunted house filming.

That were are plans, and as I said it was good,all we had to do now was to round to kyles uncle to get the camcorders!

Kyle’s uncle was called Ricky as far as I can rember.
We approached his technology shop and as we did we spotted Rick outside having a cigarette, he was a thin bloke with short brown hair and glasses, a bit of a whizz-kid if you ask me. Kyle waved and introduced me to him. After, what seemed to be an eternity we went inside. It was crowded by lots of laptops and all that kind of stuff, but I liked it. The place lingered with a smell of cigarette smoke. About 10 minuets later, we came back out of shop with a smile on are faces and that was because we had tricked him into thinking that we needed the camcorders for a school project, made him swear he wouldn’t tell are mums (we said it was a secret) and he also said we could keep the gadgets forever!
Chapter 8

It was about 7:00 pm when I phoned Kyle, his mum answered. “Hello” she said, “ who is this?”,“ Jack”, I replied, in a deep fake voice, “ can I speak to kyle please?”, “ yes of course, I’ll just get him for you”.
In the background I could hear her talking to kyle and saying it’s jack.

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