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Highlighter Yellow Jacket

January 3, 2011
By JSkeletonRocks PLATINUM, Longmont, Colorado
JSkeletonRocks PLATINUM, Longmont, Colorado
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We lived in a small cute white house in the back of a large movie theater. I was inside when Meghan, my older sister, came up to me and said "I decorated the whole front lawn, by myself!" Sonya, my younger sister, was at Meghan's side fuming too. So Meghan showed me to the lawn and I saw the lawn covered in fake fluffy snow and moving Valentines Day decorations all over the picket fence and lawn. Then Dad came home and told me to get the gold decorations for the picket fence. I found them but there wasn't enough so I took about 30 minutes looking for more. Then Dad came back wondering why I had taken so long. "There isn't enough gold," I said holding up the small amount of gold fence decoration. And then, weirdly, I was in the back row of the movie theater and Drew B. Urnsan, the love of my life who didn't love me back, was sitting beside me in his purple DC jacket. Soon the movie we were watching was over and a new one started. "Oh, this is a good movie." I said. But after five minutes, Drew was gone. I looked over and found Drew at the end of the row fidgeting in his highlighter yellow Volcom jacket. Then I blinked and he was suddenly next to me fidgeting with his jacket still. And then, suddenly we were in this really cruddy place. Drew and a few other people were across from me. Drew looked bored and slightly wasted. This one fat boy showed a girl next to me how to throw up a clarinet, and then he showed me but it didn't work, all that happened was that the mouth piece reappeared. But still I decided to scream my head off anyway though. Later I saw Drew leave and start down a hall. So I followed, we were suddenly the size of an ant, all tiny and such. We were running down a huge steel hallway with big steel doors at the end. I remembered seeing ahead of me Drew running in his highlighter yellow jacket.

The author's comments:
This piece was actually a dream I had March 3rd, 2010. I had started writing it because the dream was so amazing, but I guess I stopped, because I found this written in my notebook and how it ended shocked me. I hadn't intended on ending the dream that way. I remember the dream clearly and there was a lot more to it. But I kind of liked the way I wrote it then, unfinished and with a nice ending that wasn't intended. When ever I read this, a cloud of sadness drops over me as I recall the dream and how amazing it was. Even though this may appear as an odd piece, I hope you enjoyed it...somehow. Thanks for reading it.

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