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Music Is No Religion

November 29, 2007
By Anonymous

Aiden was a seventeen year old with amazing artistic gifts. Out of all the different arts Aiden was interested in, his favorite was music. Aiden loved writing music and decided one day to actually get serious about what he loved. One day at school, walking down the halls to his ecology class, Aiden saw the most beautiful girl he had ever seen; her name was Alice. Aiden had known Alice for a long time since they had gone to elementary school together. The only thing was Aiden had never really talked to her because Alice was popular and Aiden was just some skinny emo kid whom no one really talked to. As Aiden watched her walking down and talking to everyone who had ignored him for so long, he told his only friend Jimmy about how he would finally enter the talent show and finally talk to Alice.
“Sure you will,” Jimmy answered Aiden sarcastically.

“You just watch me,” Aiden replied.

“So Aiden, you goin’ to the show tonight? I mean, your favorite band is playing.”
“Ya, I am. It’s going to be amazing.”

“Ok well, I’ll see you there. Now lets go to ecology I’m getting rather tired and could use a good nap.”

Aiden spent that class period the same way he always does, writing notes about the gig he had to play on the weekend with his band and writing new songs. When he heard the bell, he ran out of class, flew to his car and drove home. That night, Aiden drove over to the old church that had been turned into a concert house. That night, Aiden saw his favorite band Fear before the march of flames. As Aiden heard the lead singer introduce the next song, which talked about how everyone has insecurities and how if the song that he wrote helped him with his and hopefully it would help someone else with theirs, Aiden thought to himself that he had to enter the talent show, or remain a nobody for the rest of his high school career.

The next day Aiden talked to his band members and they all agreed to do the talent show even though they all knew they would be boo’d off the stage because no one at school liked them or the type of music they played.
“Our music is too heavy for all those kids. All they do is listen to rap. I mean you are going to get halfway through a breakdown and just get thrown off stage, but I’ll do it anyways.” This idea was given by their guitar player, Steven.

“OK well I am glad you guys will make fools of yourselves for me.” Replied Aiden
“No problem” they replied in unison.

At school the next day, walking up to the sign up sheet was the scariest thing Aiden has ever done. After he wrote his name he raced back to his locker and laid low for the rest of the day. After school he drove to the building his band practiced in. After that practice he went home and slept he did this sane routine for three months. When the week came for the talent show Aiden didn’t even go to school for three out of the five days because he was at home practicing. When the day came for the talent show something very strange happened to him. When he was walking through the hall a blonde girl with blue eyes came up, but this was no girl this girl was Alice.

“Hey so I heard your band was playing tonight.”

“uh uh uhhhh ya we are.” Aiden barely spat out the sentence.

“That’s really cool what kinda of music do you guys play.”

“Well we are kinda experimental/ hard core/ with a little emo, but the emo is only so I can actually write a song that someone will understand.”
“That’s so cool, I have actually been kinda getting interested in the hardcore scene, I know its kinda weird for a girl to like that music but I do.” Alice said this last comment so shy that she started blushing.
“That’s amazing!” Aiden had no more questions this was the girl of his dreams.

“Hah well I hope you do well.”

That incident was the single best moment in Aiden’s life, and as he stood there motionless Jimmy came running up
“OK, Casanova, smooth talking, but you have to get ready for the show.”

The crowd that night was the biggest they have had in a very long time and this was for one reason: Aiden’s band was playing. The most intimidating thing was not the crowd; Aiden had done this hundreds of times at the small church in front of dozens of people, the intimidating thing was the entire football team was in the front row and even if Aiden had the best song ever written they would still shoot it down. As the first guitar note played and Aiden took his first breath to let out a scream he knew this was going to be a good night. After the song ended, Aiden was sweating because of all the jumping and screaming he had just done. And as he walked off the stage he heard the occasional, “Wow your band sucks!” by the football players, but the truth was Aiden didn’t care he had done what he wanted to do and even got to talk to the girl of his dreams. That night, Alice ran up and asked Aiden to go to dinner with her. As they both walked out, Aiden stopped in front of each of the football members looking them in the eyes pointed his finger in front of each one of their faces and laughed individually at each one.

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