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Nihilistic Nanny

December 3, 2007
By Anonymous

The children remained woven and hidden among the banister of the staircase in their guardian less home as they awaited the introduction of an unfamiliar governess. The echo of hollow heels abruptly disturbed the surrounding silence as they lingered upon the cobblestone pathway of the house. Through a stained-glass illustration of Aphrodite in the varnished oak French doors, the children witnessed a slanted figure gradually approaching. An angular shape, draped in a cadaverous housecoat, became more visible as it neared, revealing a protruding nib placed in the center of two destitute wells, sunken into endless furrows. As the form progressed up the pathway, a spindly hand grasped for the door handle. The door whined as it slowly opened, and the children serially subsided into the stairway. An emaciated hand crept to the inside of the threshold and the remaining silhouette followed. A sadistic smile appeared across the face, and the children gave their last breath to a silent scream.

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