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A Common Name

December 4, 2007
By Anonymous

Literally my name represents the Briton settlers who fled after the Angelo-Saxon invasion, but it should really mean ordinary, almost boring. It is like a dull color, doesn’t really stick out of a crowd. There is nothing exciting or even mysterious, it’s just Brittany. I was named after some sort of restaurant that my parents drove by one day and my mom thought it looked “pretty” as she would say. It’s like a food you just eat because its there not because you crave it or desire it. Just plain, that’s how it will or even how I will be remembered. Brittany is, to me, cold like the first snow storm of winter. It is not like that song you just have to listen to but its more like that average almost annoying song that won’t leave your head no matter how hard you try. Ever since Brittney Spears came along most people spell it wrong, even people I have known since I was five, so to be given a new name would be like a rebirth, a new beginning, to start all over again. Something completely opposite, something out of the ordinary, different from anything anyone has ever heard.

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