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One Million Dollars

December 5, 2007
By Anonymous

“I have a million dollars!” I sang loudly. “I have a million dollars!” I could not believe it. I have a million dollars I thought. You see I had found a frozen stegosaurus while I was on my trip to Greenland, so naturally I told everyone I could find that could help, although not all of them did I still had a million dollars since I found it.
The people that could help brought it back to the states in this huge freezer thing. Then they constructed a habitat. They put it inside and let it defrost. The habitat was in my favorite place in the world, Cape Cod, Massachusetts. It had a temperature gage so the scientists could change the temperature to what the stegosaurus (which I named Steve, of course) would like.
They defrosted him as quickly as they could. I was near the door when it started moving. I was inside the habitat. I held out my hand, and it came slowly toward me, and it opened its mouth. I closed my eyes. I suddenly felt a slobbery wetness on my hand. It was licking my hand. I took my other hand and patted its head. I would come visit it every day after that.
I had already put some money in the bank. (I was getting pretty good interest) I also bought some new furniture and new Connies. (A pair of every color) I didn’t buy anything else for myself except an addition to my house, but that was for my cat.
It came time for my best friend’s birthday. This was going to be her best present ever. She was getting a mansion with a barn and lots of land. She was also getting a couple of horses. Ashley had been talking about this since we were 9 or 10 years old. I also had donated some money to an animal shelter and an orphanage.
A few days after I surprised Ashley in Georgia, I went to visit Steve with my other 2 friends Cydney and Megan. Megan stayed outside the habitat, while Cydney and I were inside. Steve liked her, and she came back to visit him many times. Megan on the other hand, never came back to visit him.
3 months later I bought my mom a Mini Cooper for her birthday, and she came to visit Steve with dad and her 2 friends Rhonda and Tom. Rhonda really liked Steve more than the others. Right after that my sister’s birthday came up, and I gave her a bright blue Toyota Tacoma. Then 4 months later my cousin, Carrie’s birthday came up and I gave her a Jeep Renegade. Carrie did come to visit, but she doesn’t like scaly things so she didn’t like Steve. I love Steve. He was and is awesome.

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