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December 5, 2007
By Anonymous

“Where am I, Why can I move again?” These were my first questions when I wasn’t sitting by my mirror just gazing at myself, like I have been for the past 1000 years. I was supposed to sit in my painting for all of eternity. This horrible act was cast upon me when a young wizard fell in love with me over 1000 years ago. However, I never wanted to be with him. He cast me into the painting so I could look at myself for the rest of eternity because he believed I was vain. I was thankful though for whatever reasons I was no longer in my painting. You see, it does happen to get very boring seeing my face for 1000 years and not doing anything else but that. Especially when the canvas begins to crack, shred, and wrinkles.

When I stepped out of the painting I noticed that there was a young man standing there looking very surprised. I asked him where I was, and why I was there. For a few moments he remained silent as if trying to find the right words to say. First he asked my name and I told him my name was Isabetta. Then he explained to me that he has been living in Italy for 8 years, and had never seen such a beautiful woman, so he thought to himself about how wonderful it would be to be able to meet me. The next thing he knew I was out of my painting standing there right next to him. He told me that the year was 2050. I told him that if I was out of the painting, I might as well enjoy it! I wanted to see Italy for how it is now, and see the differences from my time compared to his time.

The first thing we did was go to a store and found new clothes for me to wear so that I could fit in with the common people and community so I did not look like so much of an outcast. Next we went to the hair salon. The hair stylist told me that long hair was the new style, but not quite as long as mine. Being that I had been stuck in a painting for 1000 years, my hair had acquired a hint of splint ends and had been down to my ankles.

After I looked modern and ready to go, I and the young man named David went to see ancient runes of Rome. I explained how they used to look when they were the most common places to find people of great wealth, and explained to him where to go to get a good meal. Then he took me around the places of Modern Rome. Everywhere I went I seemed to see these things flying in the air, and these objects moving quickly on the ground. They seemed to be in such a rush to get where they were going. David explained to me that the objects were HoverCars. These were like the equivalent to our carriages in the Renaissance, well sort of. These were much faster and they moved through both the air and the streets.

Everywhere I walked people seemed to stare at me. I was afraid they recognized me from my painting, or that they knew I just did not belong to their world. I was getting very tense and nervous about this when Davis noticed this. “What’s wrong Isabetta?” he asked me.

“They all stare at my funny, like I am some sort of freak of nature” I responded.

“The people don’t know what to do about you; I can guarantee that these people have never seen a woman so beautiful. You are not like other girls from this time in history. They always have a sense of worn out, but you, you are as lively as a person should be and you are both elegant and graceful. The fierceness in your eyes probably frightens them. Your beauty is overwhelming, they don’t know what to do.” David answered.

When David told me this it made me feel much better, and I truly began to enjoy his time period. David was frightened by certain acts that just began to happen. Even if he didn’t mean to things would just appear to him. He was frightened but I knew what was going on. I told him to say something out loud, a command. “Flowers grow,” he said. As soon as the words flowed from his mouth, flowers appeared everywhere around us. “Trees make apples,” he said. Once again as soon as he said the command the trees sprouted with apples. He was very scared by what was going on and didn’t know what to make of these events. I explained to him that magic was very common to people in my time, but frowned upon. This is why it is not talked of often talked about because people hid their magic, afraid of being condemned to death. We then ventured off to the Hall of Records to see whether or not it was in his family.

As we arrived at the Hall of Records, we immediately went to the things called “computers”. David said that it would be much easier to use a “computer” than to “do it the old fashion way, by using a book”. I did not understand this terminology, but I trusted that David knew what he was talking about. David and I searched for a total of 8 hours until we got to the Renaissance period of time. We then found that he was related to Niccolo Cosimo. Niccolo Cosimo was the most talented Magician of my time period. He could perform any type of magic that he was asked to perform. However, he was put to death by a hanging trial. The scene was very brutal. Those who thought that Magicians were wrong in everyway, yelled at him to save himself with his magic now. They were horrid to him as he was being put to death. Surprisingly I was unaware of this act. I knew Niccolo very well. Niccolo was the person that condemned me to my painting for all of eternity.

He was the man that loved me, but I despised him. He was cruel and rude and obnoxious. Niccolo was ridiculous and arrogant. It was so odd to think that David was related to that man. David is sweet, kind and gentle. He has a soothing voice and is a very calming person.

For the rest of my life I spent my time in David’s time period. We lived happily and always had a good laugh about our first encounter. When David unfortunately passed away about 200 years later,(medicine was much better these days) I went back into my painting for I would rather be there, then have to live my life alone.

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