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You're an old record

November 15, 2007
By Anonymous

You're an old record with the grooves worn deep, and your voice slips out my speakers to fill the room with scratched sounds and familiar lies. Your sentences glide down the curve of my thighs and this is not where I want to be. In this stuffy room with the tiny ceiling fan circulating the same old air and overused cliches. I breathe your voice in and out and my eyes slowly close and I surrender to you... But this wasn't the ending I planned. This time around i said no. But you know how it is, the lies come easily and if we're being honest you can say it all because you sure as hell won't notice a single tear crawling out my eye. All of a sudden you're taking over again, invading my world. I thought I'd thrown you out for the last time. I take a step back and I'm revolted at the way I crawl back to you, on my knees every time. I'm always crawling back to you.
You're just another in a long line of poisons. The only difference is you're not injected into my arm.

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