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A beautiful beginning

December 8, 2007
By Anonymous

The beginning has just begun in the life of the living
You can reach the dusty twilight as if the stars have been lifted in the sky. I have a more new out look on life with a tint of sun ray shining over it in the horizon. The colder death days our behind me now since I have said good bye to you my sour love. You and I were never really meant to be close in this life, I thank you for brining me in to this little world ,but to be close as father and daughter will probably never take it’s tulle, for You have chosen your path and I have chosen mine. At first it was hard to depart with this good bye but I have come to acceptance with good will. And I hope one day you will forgive me for letting go of what ever relationship we might ever have go to such waste, but it was the only way I could come to peace with myself and put my own unique hand print in the sand of the world of today. I can finely reach to the stars, feel the cool breeze in my face, and feel the ocean and the sand at the same time. And the beautiful sunset is begging set on my shore lines. To this I give my sweet but sour pardons to this person that brought me in to this beautiful but cruel, cruel world we live in. For I do not know this persons true name I hope you can see this sweet pardons in a new light , to this I say good bye forever my sour love may we see each other again in a beautiful place called heaven.

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