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In the Darkness

January 22, 2011
By xX_so-confused_Xx PLATINUM, Renton, Washington
xX_so-confused_Xx PLATINUM, Renton, Washington
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walking home after a dance, i stood in the middle of the road. i looked up, watching the stars. a large red truck turns the corner. staring into the headlights, two thoughts run through my mind. 1) do i really fear death? What's there to be afraid of? I've already lost anything and everything i ever cared about. and 2) would he miss me? would anybody miss me? ever? if i fade into the background, would anybody notice? if i turned into a dragon, took to the skies, and never came back down, would anybody care? with these thoughts scurrying through my fatal mind, walking simultaneously down both dreadful paths, my legs decided they didn't really want to die, and moved my sorry existence out of the trucks path.

these questions haunt my waking moments. sometimes i want to yell to the world, notice me! but i know i would still be ignored. i fade into the background, fade into the ground beneath your feet, forever walked on by others, occasionally slicing open an uncovered soul. but with every cut, i cut deeper into myself, burying myself deeper into despair. i don't know how much air i have left, how deep i am, how long i still have to live this life. I've tried to claw my way back to the top, but someone keeps piling on more sorrow. i believe there's one person who might be able to save my tortured soul. he needs to come soon, or i might be too far gone to be saved. Save me.

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