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Smarty Pants

January 8, 2008
By Anonymous

Pay attention at school and do not disrupt class; always be the first to raise your hand and do not let anybody outdo you; people look to you to know everything; do not let your peers down; is it true that people are jealous of you?; never let them see you sweat; go on about academics as if they are the easiest thing in the world; fight people with your intelligent words, not your fists; do not let others’ jealousy get to you; graduate from high school and go on to college; do not have sex before marriage, a baby will mess up your future; get things done before other people; but what if you get stressed out?; be organized and stay one step ahead of everybody; score high on your ACT; never let anybody see how stressed you have become, they will play on it as a weakness; keep your GPA up and do not let anybody get one higher than you; have better study habits than others; multitask better than others; always keep your plate full of activities; why can’t you be like normal teenagers?; normal is not in your vocabulary; you must act as if you’re better than the rest; do things according to instruction; this is how you solve this math problem; this is how you write this essay; this is how you use MLA format; this is how you look for potential boyfriends; look for the smart ones that have great potential; the better the career the better they are; but what if they are not what you want in a man?; make it work; no matter if you really like them or not, put up with them, they will be financially stable in the future; do not take interest in musicians or athletes; they lack intelligence and will use you for yours; start a career before you start a family; die smart, not happy.

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Sayaren said...
on Jun. 25 2011 at 6:51 pm
I think this is excellent and painfully true, but I think you should break it up a little to make it easier to read.