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The Ghost of the Time Machine

November 1, 2007
By Anonymous

It was still dark when I woke up in the morning remembering the science test.

-“Aw, man! It’s today and I didn’t study!”- I whispered almost desperately.

I dressed up, and tried to think of a way to skip the test and take it another day.
I couldn’t think of anything.

-“Maybe, if I find a way to study on some other period! After all Science is my last period!” I thought to myself.

It was about 8:15 in the morning. Time to go to school. At school I realized that I didn’t take my science book with me! I was DOOMED!

At school everything seemed normal but something was wrong. My studio one was talking about some kind of room that someone found. It had about fifteen locks on it and it was barricaded!! I needed to find out what’s going on. School vent lead almost everywhere. I tried that. Somehow it leads me straight to the “secret room”.

I kicked out the vent. It was dark but after a minute I found the light switch. When the lights turned on I automatically saw a machine the size of my head, it looked kind of rusty, but that didn’t stop me from touching it. Instantly after I touched it, something appeared before me.

After a second I realized that thing didn’t touch the ground while it was moving!!! It started to floating towards me!

-“Don’t be afraid child… I wont hurt you… I’m a ghost of this time machine,”- it said almost whispering.

-“Time machine?! Oh my God, you’re a ghost and this is a time machine?”, I pointed at the strange machine, ”This can’t be!! It must be a dream!!”- I started to scream desperately.

The ghost also said that whoever touched the time machine is its owner. So now I’m the owner? After a while, I started to come down. I started to think normally. I still remembered my science test. I asked the ghost how does it work. He showed me, and then I started to think how could I use this situation? Maybe I really could teleport myself the past and study for my test! I pressed all the flashing buttons and checked the date, and hit the start button!

The ghost yelled, “And were off!!”
I found myself sitting on the couch and watching TV, the day before yesterday.

“I can’t believe it. It actually worked!” –I screamed in my mind.

Aftershock went away quickly. After I checked what’s going on around home, I grabbed a science book and started to study! After a while I got bored with studying, so I turned on the TV. Ghost of the time machine appeared!

“You may not be distracted!”, he shouted. “Do what you came for!!!”
I was very surprised, but also irritated. The ghost just shouted at me for turning on the TV! I was wondering what made him so angry? I got back to the book. It was 9’o clock. Five hours past the end of school, and I was getting tired. I thought,” I’m going to come back to the present.” I was looking for that ghost but I couldn’t find him.

“What if I turn the TV again?” I thought.

It didn’t work; the ghost did not appear and I didn’t want to get stuck in the past! I had a lot of homework tomorrow!

I decided to go back to school and check out that same room again. It was dark I didn’t see the sidewalk, but I still could get to the school. I was afraid of dark so after a while I was freaked out. I finally got to the back of the school. I climbed up to the air vent and started to look for the mysterious room. I passed the lunchroom and my studio one class. I was finally there. By now my heart was beating so fast I could feel it beating. When I got to that little window I saw a man working on the time machine that I have before! He was (I think) adjusting it, programming it, and than… PUTTING THE GHOST INSIDE OF IT!!! It was like trapping a mouse in a cage, but BY FORCE! I got scared. It looked like the ghost felt pain, and screamed. I was wondering if I could do anything. Maybe if the man exited I could do something.

My wish came true. The man exited through the door that supposed to be barricaded! That means that his research will be found tomorrow. I kicked out the little window of the air went and jumped on the ground… In a bad time! The man was just coming back. I was so afraid I saw my own life before my eyes. I thought I was dead and that nobody could save me beside myself. And the worst of all I was stuck in the past. I didn’t have time to think of a plan so I panicked. I started screaming help! The man grabbed me by my arms and started screaming to me, “Shut your yap!!”

I started to kick him in the shin and accidentally I kicked the time machine over! The man started screaming. When the time machine hit the ground the world started spinning! Before I knew it I was in my studio one class, the same one. I came to the present right before I saw the time machine for the first time! When I started to realize what happed the ghost appeared, but nobody except me could see him. He thanked me for freeing him. He also explained how I came to the present again.

When the time machine broke it’s like it never happen. Someone yelled to me, “What are you doing? Our test is next.” I got a 100% on it.

What happen to the ghost? I believe that he has gone to the happier place. The man that I was “fighting” with? I have no idea who that was!

I learned that studying for test early is good, do hat and you won’t end up in such scary and crazy situation like me.

The End

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