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November 2, 2007
By Anonymous

In 1992 in the town middleton in the state of California there was a family named the pope family, witch consisted of Mom, Dad, and two children. Then there was Rex, a dog with black ears and paws and the rest of his body was white that the pope family found wondering around some back roads but Rex wasn’t an ordinary dog. The reason I say he wasn’t an ordinary dog is because he weighed 120 pounds and the veterinarian estimated he was only a year old and wasn’t done growing. During a normal week Rex would eat about a twenty pound bag of dog food, but the pope family still kept him. The reason they kept rex is because he was an extremely nice dog that had a great personality.

When rex got to be about two years old he weighed 180 pounds and was going through even more food than before, but he wasn’t a fat dog he just had a lot of energy witch meant that he had a lot of muscles. Rex was becoming too much of a handful for the pope family to handle. Therefore the pope family decided they were going to put him up for adoption at the nearby pound.

Many people came and looked at the Rex but no one adopted him for about a month until finally a man that had looked at him before came by and looked at him for a long time until he decided to adopt Rex. The man signed the paper work and then loaded Rex up into the back of his truck and then drove away. The mans truck was running out of gas so he stopped at a gas station and right when he stopped Rex leaped out and sprinted away into the forest. The man looked for Rex for a couple of hours until finally he gave up.

Meanwhile Rex was hiding under a nearby bridge sleeping. The next morning Rex woke up and wondered to a nearby house. The house had more dogs of its own and so there was dog food witch rex got into and ate until he was stuffed with dog food. He then ran back into the forest until he wondered into a mountain man cutting down small trees for a fire. He walked up to the man and an first he thought the dog was a bear because he was so big but then he realized that it was a dog and walked up to Rex. Then Rex was very attached to the mountain man the mountain man fed him half of the food he ate and Rex was very happy with the man.

Rex would go on hunting trips with the man and would help sniff out the animals, the man didn’t have to keep Rex on a leash because Rex was very attached to him. This man was the only person that paid attention to him. It was a rainy day and the man decided to rake rex out to the town so he could buy a pizza. When they got there the man bought twelve extra large pizzas so he could have enough for a while. When he bought it and brought it into the truck where Rex was sitting, he put the pizzas it and then got in.

When the man got into the truck Rex was sniffing the pizza boxes and pawed one open, and then before the man could stop him he devoured and entire pizza and then let out with a belch. The man wasn’t angry with him because he was going to feed him some anyway and instead just patted him on the head. When they got back to the house the man sat down and stuffed his face with pizza and gave Rex some more of the pizza. The next day the man went into town again to get some clothing and this time couldn’t take Rex with him so he left him at his house and left for town. The man bought a lot of winter clothing since winter was rolling in. meanwhile Rex was inside the house sleeping. Rex was sleeping until he heard the sound of the mans truck come in. Rex then wakes up and greets his owner at the door. The man seemed disappointed to see Rex and just walked by. He went over to a table set down the clothes that he had bought and a piece of paper with a picture of Rex and the word LOST written above it and writing at the bottom.

The man put Rex on a leash and tried to bring him outside. Rex knew what was going and fought back against him he pulled until the man changed his mind. He loaded Rex into his truck and went to a nearby pet shop and made two dog tags for Rex. He also bought a black collar for him and went home. The man decided to fight back against the flyers, the flyers were made by the man that adopted him from the pound. The man never came home from buying clothing one day. About a month later Rex had a litter of puppies and then a week late died of cancer. Rex’s puppies were all adopted out to many owners all around the world.

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