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Murder at the Morgue

November 6, 2007
By Anonymous

All seemed to have to have gone well on her first day. Marla had been quite nervous about working at the Nelwood City Morgue. She thought it would be terrible but it wasn’t so bad.

The day was almost through and the only employees left in the building were Marla and her new manager, Natasha. They were drinking coffee and talking on their final break of the day. They both had to stay and work late, very late.

“We only have to tag four more corpses, then we’re done.” said Natasha. She handed three empty tags to Marla. “I’ll take care of the last one.”

She was a little nervous with this being her first time dealing with the corpses directly. “So, how should I start?” she asked. When there was no answer, Marla turned around to see that Natasha had left her all by herself.
Marla sighed and got right to work. Her first ‘customer’ was a Mr. Gerald Henkel. She pulled out his file and started filling in the tag. She read his information and discovered that he had died at the morgue. She chuckled at the irony and continued on with her work.

Next was a Mr. Simon Pettswell. Again, she dug out his file and began to fill in the tag when she found that Mr. Henkel was not the only person to have died in the morgue. That was odd, she assumed there must have been a mistake. With a slight suspicion in her mind, she finished Mr. Pettswell’s tag and tucked him away.

Last but not least was a Mrs. Carmen Davis. Yet again, when Marla fished out the file, she saw that Mrs. Davis’ place of death was the Nelwood City Morgue.

“Natasha?” called the confused trainee. “I think there’s a mistake on some of these files…” Marla waited a minute, called again but Natasha didn’t come.

Eager to impress her boss, Marla re-read the files, hoping to find the mistake herself. Instead, she found something eerie and strange; all three corpses had once been employees of the morgue.

With her heart pounding against her ribcage, she called out one final time: “Natasha!” But again, no-one answered.

Marla found the fourth tag on the table, but before she could even glance at it, there was a loud SLAM! Her head spun, searching all around for the source of the noise. “Natasha, is that you?” Marla peeked around the corner and shrieked with her final breath.

The ground flew up to meet her, blood dripping from her forehead and even though her vision was blurred, she could make it out clearly; the final tag read Marla Miller…

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