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The Pills

November 7, 2007
By Anonymous

It was another day at school when Jenna went in her bag to get her “smart pills” to take before her English test. Jenna reached in her bag to get the pills and she didn’t feel them. Jenna panicked; she snatched her bag out of her locker and tore through it. The pills were no where to be found. Jenna ran through the hallways looking for Cathy (the girl who gave Jenna the pills). Finally she found her.

“Oh my gosh Cathy I can’t find the pills!”

“What do you mean you can’t find the pills?”

“I don’t know where they are, I went to my locker after class to get them and they weren’t here.”

“How could they just disappear out of your locker?”


“What, What is it Jenna?”

“Well, I guess I left my locker open and someone stole them.”

“Jenna what were you thinking? I told you to be very careful with those pills!”

Jenna and Cathy had no idea what to do, if someone found those pills, they could get in a lot of trouble. While they were walking to class Jenna and Cathy saw a boy take some pills out her locker that looked like the same pills Jenna had. So Jenna and Cathy went over to the boy to see if those were Jenna’s pills.

“Hey where did you get those pills from they look just like Jenna’s.

“Ummmm….I got these from my friend John….Believe me I didn’t take them.”

“Ok….I believe you….tell me where I can find John.”

“His locker is on the 2nd floor.”

“Ok thanks.”

Jenna and Cathy went to the 2nd floor to see if they could find John. They saw John standing there at the end of the hall.

“Hey did you steal Jenna’s pills out of her locker?”

“ No I get these from my older brother, to help me on my tests.”

“Then why do they look just like mine.”

“Trust me I didn’t take them from your locker….Besides everyone has these pills.”

While Jenna, Cathy, and John were talking a teacher overheard them talking about the pills. She was very curious about there conversation, so she asked them to come in her room, so she could talk to them.

“Now , I overheard your conversation and I hope that you guys aren’t doing drugs.”

“No……We aren’t doing drugs.’

“Well Jenna I been watching you over the week slipping some kind of pills in your locker, and when you didn’t close your locker all they way I went in there to see If they were drugs.”

“What…that’s my locker you can’t do that.”
“Um….Yes I can that’s my job to make sure my students aren’t doing illegal things and to make sure you guys are safe. Well just to let you know those pills you were taking to get good grades, were just sugar pills.”
“What Cathy… lied to me”
“Oh, Jenna I just wanted you to do good, so I thought that if I gave you the pills you would actually believe that you can get good grades. “
“So, why did you make such a big deal about finding the pills, if you already knew they were sugar?”
“Well I didn’t want to know that I lied to you, but I guess you found out anyway. I am so sorry Jenna I was just trying to help.”
“Cathy, it’s ok, I guess that I should’ve just believed in myself from the beginning, and none of this would’ve happened. Thank you for trying to help.”

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