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Odd One

May 23, 2011
By Kiba1 GOLD, Cripple Creek C.O, Colorado
Kiba1 GOLD, Cripple Creek C.O, Colorado
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\"Its Not Too Late Its Never too Late.\" \" \'I Cant\' Is Never True\" \"Ill Be The First To Say that Now Im O.K\" \"You Tried To Bring me Down, And You Epicly Failed.\" "Judge me, And I'll Prove you Wrong. Say I'm Nothing? Watch Me Soar."

She walked away, there was a golden fethare left behind, the edges were veined black, she walked away, hot tears streaming down her pale face, she had silver blue eyes, and platinum blonde hair. she did not fit the steryotype at all. she was intelegent. her best subject was genetics. a boy ran after her, a sneer on his face, a burst f alarm sent adreniline pulsing through her body, in a snap desision, she bolted, fast as anything, she ran up a grassy hill, comming to a small wood. the boy looked startled and ran after her. the girl weaved in and out of the trees, trying to loose him, the boy kept his dark green eyes trained on her. his long dark hair falling in his eyes, he wasnt far behind. She ran, and came to a rocky out crop, and didnt stop. She hurled her self over the edge, un flinching. Golden-black wings unfurled from her black hoodie, and she soared upward, the boy was still behind her. She was so startled that she almost fell from the sky, she lost a few fethats when she rotted her wings, coming to a halt, the boy slamed in to her, and she wheeled in the sky.

"Jeez... Warning aye?" he has a brittish accent, his green eyes flashing in annoyance.
"Who ARE You?" the girl demanded. "And why are you following me? and... you have wings?" her eyes fell on his white wings, dusted grey.

"Nyrocs my name. your Nyra?" he had hear the normal teasing her.

"Yeah," she snarled resentfully, "Im never coming back."

"Niether am I." Nyroc said. "Birds of a fethar must flock together, eh?" he grined. Nyra looked quizical.

"Tag along if you like." she growled. they flew off together, Nyroc jittery with glee. a shape was fluying quickly twords them, and it wasnt a nother bird kid. or a bird. it was black, and metal.heat waved rose from the surface, and a stench like carrion rose from its flanks...

The author's comments:
I based This vaugly from Maximum Ride, And if You Want More, Coment And Ask!

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