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February 22, 2012
By mollyb SILVER, North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania
mollyb SILVER, North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania
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"I may not be there yet, but I'm closer than I was yesterday."

I pushed through the double doors, strutting in like I owned the place. I didn’t, of course, but it couldn’t hurt to pretend.

I pressed through the thick swarms of people until I found myself in the very middle of the open space. I stood with my shoulders back and my head high, acting like I had a purpose.

I had a purpose, didn’t I?

Of course I did. I was looking for someone. Him. Today would be the day, I just knew it. I felt it. I believed it.

I let my eyes slowly scan the room, trying to let my search be discreet. I came upon no one out of the ordinary. No one I hadn’t seen before. Of course, I didn’t really know them. This was a new town, a new place. But I’ve seen people like them. People they might as well be.

I waited, and I waited. But nothing happened. No one shouted my name over the noise of the crowd and came running towards me with open arms. That didn’t happen. Not today.

I looked around again, turning my head as far as it would go either way. Still, nothing.


Maybe I wasn’t even looking for the right thing. Maybe I was looking for blonde hair, when I should be searching for brown. Maybe he was short, and I was looking for tall. Maybe I didn’t know at all.

He wouldn’t come today, maybe not ever. I hoped he would eventually. But if not now, then when? Couldn’t he see that I needed him? If he knew me better than anyone, wouldn’t he be aware of that simple fact? Or maybe not. Like I said, I just didn’t know.

So I stayed there, standing alone in a crowded room. I looked and looked until I realized there was no longer anyone to look for. The building was empty. The people had left. He had left, if he was even here in the first place.

Knowing that there was no one to be found today, I left the building, thinking the same thought I had when I entered. Someday.

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