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Love the Bitter World

June 6, 2012
By Dedos83 GOLD, Park City, Utah
Dedos83 GOLD, Park City, Utah
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IT soon became an obsession. The first sip got me hooked; the bitterness and sweetness. Exciting my taste buds with a sourly sensation. Makes my mouth water with every small whiff. Pour, stir, smell, sip. It was a routine that gave me joy. Its stench came through my nose and sat on top of my tongue elegantly dancing around my mouth. The simple pop! of a bottle, the simple fizz in my glass was music I enjoyed listening to; music I put on replay every day. The variety in color, the enormous selection of glasses. Fancy names, fancy bottles, sitting like heaven on a shelf. The moisture on my lips leaves me wanting more; leaves me thirsty. Slowly gliding down my throat, rolling through my veins with laughter. The true joy of my life. My name is Ruby Adams, and I am an alcoholic.

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