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Letter from the Future MAG

By Anonymous

   Dear Charles:

I am also a van Ee, but you wouldn't knowme. I was born 213 years after you. I know this may seemoutrageous, but it is the year 2212. In 2013, you invented amachine that changed humanity forever (don't let it go to yourhead.) The device made time travel and teleportation possible.Your invention allowed humanity to spread, and now Earth hascolonies scattered throughout in the Milky Way.

Now Ihave to reveal the true purpose of my letter. For my finalEnglish project we have to interview someone we findinteresting. Since I am related to you, I figured, why not? Ifyou could, please answer the questions on the attached sheets.When you are done, bury them in a time capsule next to themaple tree in your front yard. Then, write in your will thatit should be opened in 2212.

I thought I should tellyou some things before I go. Unfortunately, you will losepartial hearing in your left ear after a Mexican pizzaaccident in your cafeteria. Also, to save you a few days inthe hospital after your fraternity rush, the goldfish you willeat aren't feeling too well. Finally, on your senior classtrip to Europe, make sure you bring only five rolls of film.No more, no less. At the film shop next to your hotel inVenice, you will meet your futurewife.


Archimedes van Ee

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i love this !