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Falling Through the Looking Glass

September 28, 2012
By missinvisible12 GOLD, Old Tappan, New Jersey
missinvisible12 GOLD, Old Tappan, New Jersey
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I saw myself in the mirror. I saw myself, only I looked…more beautiful. But it wasn’t just that. I looked more peaceful, joyous, and pleased. I wanted a closer look at this beautiful me. I came nearer and nearer to the mirror. We were face-to-face. Hm. That was weird. She had stopped doing the same movements as I. She took one of her fingers and inched for me to come closer. I wanted to touch the mirror, but a part of me kept screaming “NO! IT’S A TRAP! IT WILL ONLY LEAVE YOU MORE UPSET LATER! DON’T DO IT!” But I had to ignore that voice, because the urge to touch her – I mean me – was growing stronger. Slowly, I brought my face closer to the mirror. She had begun doing the same movements as me again. I then slowly and gently touched my hand to the mirror, closing my eyes…

Suddenly, I felt a pulling sensation. I began to scream, frightened as to what was happening. I felt like I was spiraling out of control. I opened my eyes. It was too dark to see anything. I squeezed my eyes shut again, wondering how long it would take for me to die. But I then began to see a bright light through my eyelids. I knew the impact was about to come, and I mentally prepared myself to fall in 3, 2, 1…


I landed hard on the ground. I laid there for a few seconds. I couldn’t will myself to get up, especially with the expectation that I was in an unfamiliar place. But eventually, I knew my eyes would have to open, and so I did just that, slowly. When I looked up I realized…that I was home. I was in my living room. I guess I was wrong about being in an unfamiliar place. The lighting seemed all distorted, though, so I opened up the blinds and I realized that I had landed in a world that was much more beautiful and inspiring than the horrid, cruel world I was used to living in. I couldn’t contain myself: I jumped out of the window and didn’t realize how stupid that was until I was airborne. However, a large fluffy flower caught me. I, like the idiot I’m convinced I am, thanked it as it slid me to the ground. I could have sworn that it patted me on the back. I said “what is this place” aloud. I got an answer from a squirrel.

“This is the land you go to after you fall through the looking glass. It shows you how the world REALLY is.”

“B-but this place is beautiful,” I stuttered. “It’s full of color, and happiness, and everyone loves each other here; you can feel it being radiated off of everything. And the world I live in is mean and full of torture. This can’t be how the world really is…can it?”

“It can. You see, the world is actually one of the most beautiful places in the universe. And the way I see it, you can either learn to appreciate its beauty and take all the baggage, or just think about its cruelties and live a life wondering where you can find more beauty. You choose.”

As I went to answer him, my mouth was forced shut. I felt myself floating up and up and up. I landed in my bed, in my bedroom.

“I guess that was just a dream,” I muttered to myself. “A beautiful dream.”

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Thanks for the inspiration Danny!

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