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October 18, 2012
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The next day, Jonathan did not show up at 9:30 am when the bakery opened. Macy kept telling herself he would be there right before they closed. Today, November 3rd, a teenage girl walked into her bakery. Looking about 17 years old, Macy glanced up and wondered if the girl should've been in school by now. Henry, looking bored decided to go up to take the young girl's order, and smiled when she was done. He took her money and told her that he would bring her food to her.
"Can I get a name from you, miss?" asked Henry, patiently.
"Yes, Ria Harris." replied the young woman. "That is such a beautiful name, is it not?" Henry smiled and said. "I was named after my grandma, Ria Jackson." explained the young girl.

Macy, listening to their conversation, looked up at Ria Harris just as she said her grandma's name. 'That is my grandma's name!' thought Macy, suddenly questioned. Henry prepared the young girl's order but as he was about to exit the kitchen to take it to her, Macy whispered to Henry, "I think I'll take it to her. You can go on lunch break if you want." "Are you sure?" asked Henry," Because I don't mind at all." "Nope, that's alright, I've got it." Macy said, a little sternly. Henry handed her the tray of food, walked to the back of the store to put away his apron and grabbed his coat to head to lunch.

Macy strode up to Ria Harris and gently put her food tray down. She sat down across from the young woman and couldn't stop herself from saying, "I'm sorry, but I overheard you say, while talking to my assistant, that your grandma's name is Ria Jackson?" "Um, yeah?" Ria said, with a questionable look on her face. "That is my grandma's name." Macy said, staggering her words. "Oh my gosh, really? That is, like, unbelievable!" Ria exclaimed. The two eyed each other and Macy wondered if this was a long lost cousin because her grandma had told her there was someone else in her life. But she never said who. Macy started asking questions, "Who's your mother and father? Where do your parents live now? Did our grandma tell you about meeting someone too?" Too many questions came at Ria at once that she didn't know which one to answer first. "My mother's name is Stephanie Harris and my father's name is Derek Harris. I also have an eight year old brother, Jacob. My parents originated from Portland, Oregon. My grandma is my dad's mom. And my parents live with me, here in Sutherlin, Oregon. We just moved here because my dad just transferred from Texas, working as an assistant CEO member for AT&T phone company as well as my mom who works as a CEO assistant for Bank of America." said Ria. "Why?" she asked. Macy was surprised at this young girl's family. "Well," she started, "I am originally from Portland too, and my mom's name is Carol Jackson and my dad's name is Richard Jackson. My grandma is my dad's mom as well. I am 22 years old and own this bakery. My dad is the manager at the electric plant about 35 miles south from here. And my mom is a 4th grade elementary school teacher. I also have a brother, Michael - age 28 and is married with a wife and 1 kid." Macy tells the young teenager girl sitting across from her. "Well," said Ria alas, "It looks like grandma Ria's got some explaining to do." "Why, yes, I think you're right." said Macy.

As Ria finished up her lunch, the two talked about childhood memories or stories that their parents and grandma have also told. At 2:35 pm, Ria announces, "Oh my gosh, I have to pick up my brother in 25 minutes from Findley Elementary School." "OH my goodness, we have been talking for over 2 hours." exclaimed Macy. Then she said, "Wait, why aren't you in school, Ria?" "My parents work a lot so I do online classes to take care of my brother. I also have a job, but it doesn't pay much and my parents don't give me money for food or anything, in fact they've been gone for 12 days now, my mom in New York and my dad in Florida. You can kinda see why I'm desperate for a job." Ria said, getting a little teary-eyed. "Well, why don't you work her? At my bakery? You can help make goodies and tend to the cash register and help out my assistant, Henry. He was the man that did your order. And I can help take care of you and your little brother. Our hours at 9:30 am to 6:00 pm. And you can bring your brother by if you want, he can play with my dog, Mason, who is very friendly. How does that sound?" Macy asked. Ria was speechless. She was really happy that someone has stepped up to help her. "That would be wonderful, thank you so much!" Ria exclaimed. "Can I start tomorrow? I know it's a Saturday but I desperately need the money!" "Oh sure, that would be awesome. In fact, Henry has the day off tomorrow and I could definitely use an extra hand. You can bring Jacob and I'll bring Mason. I'm sure the two will be best friends with one another." Macy said, enthusiastically. "That sounds great! I will be here at 9:30! OH and by the way, thanks so much....Cousin Macy." Ria said, smiling.

On that note, Ria grabbed her coat and purse and slowly walked out to her car to go to pick Jacob up from school and take him home to do homework and get ready for soccer practice. At 2:55, Ria had parked in the visitor parking lot at the local high school in which she was taking online classes and stopped in to see the counselor. Remembering that Jacob had to stay after school to finish a science project, she could take as much time as she needed. Walking to the front office, students stared at her as the bell rang at 3 pm, announcing that school was out for the weekend. Ria walked into the office and asked to speak with the counselor to turn in homework she had been working on for about 2 weeks. The secretary offered to take her to the counselor's office and Ria agreed, even though she'd been to the school plenty of times to know her way around.

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