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October 30, 2012
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After a long, tiring day of studying, nothing better than snuggling in the couch with a fluffy blanket, lots of popcorn, and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. That is, until Harry himself steps out of the twenty inches flat screen TV and proclaims you are his arch-nemesis, not to mention him threatening you with his wand. "Don't move! Dumbledore will be here any minute, you scumbag!" he yelled at me in a deep roaring voice. My knees weakened under me and I crumpled onto the flower-patterned carpet. This was my favorite dream and worst nightmare at the same time! "I...I'm sorry, but I don't know what you're talking about...“, I stuttered, trying my best not to burst into tears. And to those of you ordinary Muggles who have not yet been threatened by an angry wizard in possession of a wand, let me just tell you that it is not your typical idea of fun!
At that point, Harry's eyes seemed to be about to come out of their sockets, he looked really mad at me. "Please don't kill me...“, I begged with my most innocent and pleading tone. "Kill you? Why? Wait, who are you? Mundungus? Mundungus Fletcher, you terrible excuse for a wizard, what have you done? ", Harry muttered, now talking to the TV. And just like that, in a flash of yellow light, he was gone and safely back in the movie. I let out a grateful sigh. Thank God, I was still alive, but it had been a close call! The rest of the movie passed by smoothly, and at the end, I swear I saw Harry wink at me…

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