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Corridor of Horrors

November 1, 2012
By Lizzi_Wrath SILVER, Lucasville, Ohio
Lizzi_Wrath SILVER, Lucasville, Ohio
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I am who i am...Your approval isn't needed.

Why did I agree to this? I think to myself. Oh, sure Adyssa, it’s a great idea to go into the old Hilltop Manor at 3:00 A.M. on Halloween. What was I thinking?!?

My pale fingers reach out and brush the door; excitement chills me. Quietly, I pull the old, creaky door open and-- like a ninja-- I creep silently into the old house. This is one 16 year-old who’s not about run and hide at the sight of an old, abandoned house. As I begin my Halloween adventure, the first thing I notice is the fact that the power is on; green light eerily shines from the old bulbs as I find myself at the end of a long corridor. They just forgot to turn it off, I tell myself: or did they? With each step, my immunity to terror diminishes. Suddenly, at the end of the hall, I see a dark figure move. Curious, I continue down the hall. The floor becomes slick under my booted feet. Reluctantly, I look down to see a dark puddle: blood. Ignoring what is probably stage blood, I continue on, and so does the horror.
I start hearing sounds, distant and frightening; I keep seeing things, ghostly and haunting; and my fears are reaching a breaking point. The entire house begins creaking around me. I spin around when I hear the door I entered this personal nightmare through slam shut. I sprint back to it in a weak attempt to free myself-- only to find that I’m locked in. I pull and pull, but the belly of the beast refuses to release me.

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Wrote this for English...Enjoy!

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