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Time As A Dream

January 5, 2013
By RLJoy DIAMOND, Glen Rock, New Jersey
RLJoy DIAMOND, Glen Rock, New Jersey
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She lay there lifelessly as if she were a statue made from stone. Carissa slowly wasted another minute of her life. A minute she could never get back. That minute slowly turned into minutes and those minutes slowly turned into hours. Those hours turned into days and so on. Time is a very peculiar concept. It can change all of its surrounding but you can never change time. Time stops for no one, including Carissa but there she was fighting against it, sleeping away time; As if there was a pause button in life. She lay there letting her brown curly hair let loose; scrawling down on her bed sheets. Her mouth open wide and a tunnel of drool slipping down her mouth and her eyes sealed shut.
A dream: one way to get away from time; away to forget about now and finally get to see your life in a new perspective. “Why can’t life be like a dream?” Carissa thought to herself. A sound of a sharp nife dicing through a soft red and white oak wood, awakened drowsy little Carissa. She rubbed her eyes to let the chunks of sleepy fairydust fall. Right in front of her was a tall body built man with a wreck of a beard as each hair was tangled like knotted rope. He was holding a acuminated silver axe. She screamed as she looked at the collage of tree's surronding her. Now Carrisa knew that time was always peculiar for her, taking her to the weirdest places but isn't that how it is for everyone? She slowly slid off the warm perspiring blanket off her and walked barefoot onto the jagged rock covered ground and walked her way towards the bearded man. "Can you get off my property?"
"Can you get off my damn dream? You dream catchers are always the same, distorting time and such." The bearded man said.

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