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March 4, 2013
By Johnny666 GOLD, Kincardine, South Carolina
Johnny666 GOLD, Kincardine, South Carolina
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I was cleaning out my locker when I found it; a stack of photos. I found photos of you and me, of him and her, of all of us. We were all there. The six of us were lying on the grass like we’d just been through the most tiring day of our lives. We looked tired but happy like we didn’t have a care in the world. Thinking back, maybe we didn’t. But what happened to us?
He started drinking. They broke up. He fell in love. She stopped talking. He got happy. We are our own people now. You and I are still together but we aren’t. They were our family. We went to school for each other, no other reason. We were all too smart to need to work for grades. But now I’m having anxiety attacks, he thinks he’s too cool, she’s got a new boyfriend. You and I are still together but we aren’t.
I flipped to the next picture. It was me and him. We were best friends. He taught me everything. He left. He got a best friend that wasn’t human but was cheap and bottled at the nearest convenience store.
There was a photo of all of us; all of us smiling that happy smile that you only see in photographs. He stands behind the camera. He wouldn’t stand there anymore. He used to be sad but now he’s happy. Was it our fault he used to be sad? We like to think not.
The next picture was all of us showing off our brand new books we’d bought. We all borrowed each other’s. Would we give out or borrow anything between us anymore? You could say it was just growing up.
I still love my life. I have just as many friends. But when I look at that photo I can’t stop thinking about him and her, that one guy, she, him, you and me. We were friends. We were more than just friends.

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