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The Meadow

June 29, 2013
By InfiniteRain BRONZE, Steinbach, Other
InfiniteRain BRONZE, Steinbach, Other
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Meadows. What had it always been about them? The secrecy of their placement? The quietness of the breeze? The scent of freshly blooming flower? Or maybe the gentleness of their colors. Meadows quieted her thrashing soul, it was here she thought. Here she would write her own poems. Here she recited the inspiring words she had heard. She would pace the edges of the forest and sing softly first but by the end of her self written song she would be spinning and near screaming. This was her home despite every one else thinking that that god forsaken house was where her soul lay. Here she was herself. She would lay out and listen to the Sun shine. And watched the birds chirping. Quiet. Alone. Flawless. Barefoot she would dance around the flowers with the butterflies and clI'mb the trees lining her hide out. She contemplated her parents latest fight, thought herself in circles about great mysteries. Death. Life. Broken hearts. Love. The meadow. It was hers and hers alone. She would never share it with anyone.
She was away from the meadow for a while, with the rest of the empty, unsatisfying world when she caught a glimpse of it. Of the meadow. In a boy. His blue eyes shone like the sky in the meadow, his laugh chirped like her birds and his hands were gentle, like the flowers in her meadow. Connection was immediate, he noticed her too. Her silence, her deep thoughts, her flawless beauty. The boy and her spent time together. Lots of it and it was Time she showed him her meadow. Her most vulnerable thing. She walked with him to the meadow and he was awed as she. Her meadow was just as she left it, beautiful. All these things shed kept to herself she welcomed him to join. Dancing, singing, acting. He went along with it and it was perfect, it was everything it always had been and more. Her life was as amazing as it could get.

but as they say all good things come to an end. The boy suddenly wasn't so mysterious, wasn't so magnificent. The boy got tired of her meadow, she never had. The boy got restless in the meadow, she never was. The boy wanted to be alone in the forest, not with her in the meadow. The boy left the meadow, and left her for good.

The girl was first so sad she left her meadow, didn't bother looking back, but she knew it wouldn't last long, when anger found her she wandered to her meadow in search of answers, in search of revenge. When she arrived at her usual meadow it was devastating. Dark clouds caused a gloomy feel in the area, the flowers were gone, grass burned to a crisp. The only sound was trees rubbing together and not comforting. Anger continued to grip her and she screamed at the meadow, cursed it. Fell to the ground in rage, pounded the grass turning to ashes beneath her fists. A tear fell from her eye, wait a tear? She suddenly lost all anger, she was not mad, she was broken. The tear hit the ground and a small purple flower rose from it. Her eyes lit at this little symbol of hope. Suddenly numerous tears began falling from her face over and over. She wept and wept and surrendered to her depression. Weak and crumpled, agonizing over her loss she lay for a long time. "I'm sorry" she cried to her meadow, how could she have let that boy destroy her... And the meadow she held so dear.

She opened her eyes only to see tall green grass. Slowly she sat up and looked around in confusion, the entire meadow had become green again, greener than ever, flowers of more colors than she could imagine. Healing. She hurt all right, there was no doubt her heart was aching but letting go of anger was enough for her meadow, and with her meadow blooming brightly around her, her suffering heart would not destroy her.

The author's comments:
I wrote this story with a deeper meaning than the surface text. I hope you can read it and mold it to relate to your life.

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